Florence for Free: Paper Painting Madness

Evidently, Florence is famous for its paper marbling which, in case you don’t know, is basically very colorful designs on paper, much like a watermark. It’s a brilliant spectacle and one you can actually participate in for, get this, free! A few times throughout the semester, the school will lead a group of students and go over the the local paper store, Dunder Mifflin Il Papiro.

The school already went once with about eight students who each got to marble their own paper. It’s very simple as the paper is just laid on top of a solution which is systematically imbedded with paint. You’ll understand it better if you go because it’s pretty amazing. Some of the things the professionals do is incredible and looks quite difficult such as mirrored giraffes and whatnot.

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The people there are nice, too. The guy who teaches you how to marble is Italian, obviously, but speaks pretty good English and has some humor. His co-worker is American, not obviously, and also speaks pretty good English.

Not much can go wrong under the guide of these two people, and plenty can go right, which it does, except for this one person who messed up twice – no big deal. But anyway, you should go next time. Remember it’s free.

By Jake Sheets


Categories: Life Abroad

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