New Development and What it Means for Your Diet

The day has finally come. Chipotle, the gourmet Mexican Grill you all love, or at least most of you, is setting up shop in Spokane. But wait, it gets better – The location is just between Ruby and N Division (922 N Division to be exact). So when you’re looking for a good, cheap meal and Sodexo just won’t cut it, forget Panda Express and take the short trip to Chipotle.

Not only is the food good but, for all you social justice-seeking students, Chipotle believes in “Food with Integrity.” Their aim is to use the highest quality ingredients which they do with a high respect for the environment, animals, and people involved in the process.

Being located where it is (the old Hollywood Video), puts it in a prime location for the west campers. So if you’re going to live in Kennedy or Dussault you’re going to find yourself just a minute or so away from a delicious meal. For all of you seniors – sorry. Because there’s still plenty of construction to do, the opening day will be far past your graduation day. For all you juniors, keep hopeful that it will open up by at least next winter when a hot burrito reigns above all.  Sophomores and Freshman, don’t worry.

The decision to have the Chipotle right next to Gonzaga is no fluke. So maybe with enough student support, Gonzaga and Chipotle will work out a deal so you can use your flex. For now, at least, be patient and be glad for this glorious addition to the list of places to get food. If you are one of those people who anticipate the awesomeness of this Chipotle, start now by basking in a victory you are in no-way responsible for.

By Jake Sheets


Categories: Lifestyle

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