Top 5 Things to Do and See in Budapest

Budapest is the enduring gem of Central Europe and is a fabulous place to visit. With a large number of students preparing to travel with the GIF program to Hungary this weekend, here is a last minute list of sites that should not be missed in its capital city:

See the city of course!

While Budapest is a very walk-able city, use the very handy public transport system to save your feet. Or if you feel like being on the move, a bike tour is the perfect compromise. Get your camera ready for all the famous sights such as the Parliament building, Hero’s Square, Budapest’s statue of liberty on top of Gellert Hill, the Fisherman’s Bastion, Memento Park, and more. Take the time to learn about the history and culture of this beautiful city, it will enable you to see it with new eyes.


You’ve earned a break after touring so take yourself to one of Budapest’s famous thermal bath houses. These fulfilling mineral waters are actually a part of the public health system! Depending on where you go, the baths may be inside or outside. Imagine a blend between a hot springs and a pool. All kinds of people go to the public baths so it’s a fantastic spot for people-watching!

Get cultured

Besides its gorgeous architecture, Budapest is known as a city of the arts. You can find many art museums that cater to your interests. Be sure to catch a performance at the dazzling Opera House. The city has a policy that everyone should be able to go see a show. You won’t find cheaper opera or ballet ticket prices at any other of your weekend travel destinations, I guarantee it!

Explore all Budapest has to offer

Walk into one of the many second-hand shops and see what kind of vintage treasures you can find! Spend some time poking around Central Market Hall. With all kinds of food and produce stalls on the ground floor and hundreds of traditional craft and souvenir stands on the second floor, you could easily spend hours in here. Don’t leave without trying two of Hungary’s traditional foods, langos (a piece of fried dough with your choice of toppings, savory or sweet) and goulash (a hearty soup that warms you from the inside out). Mmm!

Stroll the Danube

Last but definitely not least, take a walk along the river at night. The Parliament, the Citadel, Chain Bridge, and the rest of the city reflect their lights on the water and paint a truly remarkable scene. It is one of the most fulfilling views you may ever see. Pictures never do it justice, but grab a postcard of the Budapest nighttime panorama before you head home on the off chance that you one day forget how impressive it was…

By Mariah Dodson


Categories: Life Abroad

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