Chocolate Festival Sweetens Up Florence, Students Gain Weight

For those of you who missed the chocolate festival or are still craving some sweets, there’s some good news. The chocolate festival merely brought all of the chocolate in Florence to one central rally point. So don’t fret, if you found it at the festival, you can find it in Florence. There are plenty of places to get your fix of chocolate, all of which are worthy enough for the trip.

Torta Pistocchi produces a cake that simply will leave you in a state of euphoria. This cake is made of the purest ingredients and includes only dark chocolate, a tiny amount of cocoa powder, and cream. Amazingly, there’s no flour, eggs, butter, or added sugar. But what this cake excludes in its build, it counters with its variety. Of the variants to choose from there’s Classic, Chili, Coffee, Cherries, Sicilian Citrus, Pears, Strawberries, and White Chocolate with Oranges all at many different sizes. Aside from these, there are plenty of ways to actually eat this savory miracle of chocolate. Located at Via del Ponte di Mezzo, 20, it’s a bit of a walk but is well worth it. If a cake is ever the highlight of your day, this is that cake.

If you are, however, one of those people who does not find cake to be worth such an excursion, you have no reason to feel left out. Caffé Paszkowski has a rather large selection of the chocolates you found at the festival – maybe not iphones and hammers, but the more delicate side of the dessert. Founded in the mid-19th century, you’ll be sure to find they do plenty of other things. If chocolate isn’t your main aspiration for the day, Caffé Paszkowski is also, you guessed it, a caffé and has a bar and restaurant. Better yet, it’s located in the very same Piazza della Repubblica as the festival so it’s like the festival never ended.


By Jake Sheets

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