Join FASU for their annual festival!!

The 7th Annual FASU dinner will undoubtedly bring students many laughs tonight as the Filipino American Student Union presents “Mahal Kita.”

The story tells of young, second-generation Filipino students trying to figure out what love means in both Filipino and American cultures.

FASU members have been working on preparing for the festival since last fall when co-festival directors Gurkeert Bagri and Wynona Vaz first put pen to paper and wrote the skit.

“The biggest thing is seeing our club come together and show what we can do. Even if I’m not performing, it’s cool to see everything work,” Bagri said.

Both Bagri and Vaz read lines to the actors and actresses as they went through the scenes. The group was constantly laughing and helping each other out as they watched the play unfold.

“Everyone is really motivated to put on a good festival this year,” said FASU club president Marisa Crisostomo. “I remember my freshman year when there were only seven or eight members, and now there are over 30.”

The strong sense of family is what members agreed brings them together each week.

“We look forward to meetings and getting together, even if it is just rolling lumpia or rehearsing for festival,” Bagri said.

The festival proceeds will help to fund family oriented activities, including family dinners and trips. Club members also participate in the Northwest Filipino American Student Association, which hosts conferences and other events for Washington and Oregon clubs similar to Gonzaga’s FASU.

“My FASU family has helped me through so much,” Vaz said. “I don’t know what I would do without them. Meetings are the highlight of my week, and none of us ever want to leave.”

The event, which takes place this Saturday, Feb. 25, will include the savory flavors of the Philippines, as well as a variety of dances.

Tickets will still be on sale on the steps of Crosby this week. They are $10 per person or $8 per person with groups of eight. Doors will open at 6 p.m., and the program begins at 6:30 p.m.

“Our mission is to spread cultural appreciation,” Crisostomo said. “Our group is made up of a variety of ethnicities, and we have created a strong sense of family. It would be great to see everyone come out and support our club.”

By, Elaina Bruna


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