Eating Florence: Your Weekly Guide to Avoiding Starvation

Caffé Giacosa at Palazzo Strozzi. About 500 years ago the Strozzi family built a rather large palace in Florence to, well, live in. Little did they know, however, that one day the common folk would trespass onto their property to enjoy low-price cappuccinos and expensive pastries. At Caffé Giacosa, that’s exactly what you do. Cheap drinks, expensive foods. So it’s best to just go for an afternoon pick-me up with some good conversation. Pastries and other quick-eats start at about 5 euro and coffees start at 1 euro. And the coffees aren’t like some other places in Florence where you get swindled with a 3 euro cup of coffee that lasts just a few sips. Here, you actually get a legit size, not to mention some good-quality caffeine. You can find it at Via degli Strozzi and Via de’Tomabuoni right off of Piazza della Repubblica, open from 9am to 8pm and the until 11pm on Thursdays. Just remember to go inside Palazzo Strozzi, into the courtyard.

Da Vinattieri. You know all those books you bought on Florence which you never read, or if you did read them, you forgot everything? Well, it turns out the food section can actually be helpful or, more generally, can be used. Da Vinattieri is one of those glanced-over places which would have remained that way if some late-night, curiosity-reading sparked by hunger had not rediscovered it. It’s best to take to Google maps for this place as it’s tucked away in some easily passed alleyway in the hub around Piazza della Repubblica (you’ll spot the locals in front of the window in the alley off of Via del Corso, just west of Via del Presto.) But once you find it, you won’t forget it. Some of the best and cheapest panini are created in this hole-in-the-wall. Get complicated with the menu or just order off of the long menu of pre-determined panini deliciousness. The ingredients may be pre-set, but your panini is made on the spot. Order from the window in the alley, or go inside.

Gusto Leo. Pesto pizza and more modest pizza can be a refreshing side of Italian cuisine, but there are moments when a pizza needs to be awesome and beastly. Go to Gusto Leo, order a pizza, and get acquainted with this beast. They are loaded with toppings and are rather large, themselves. What you can get in pizzas, you can most certainly get in salads (they have over 15 different types). This is the kind of place in which you really can’t go wrong, unless you you’re that person who always orders something you don’t like. It’s near The Bargello at Via del Proconsolo and Via de’ Pandolfini.


By Jake Sheets

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