Weekend Stops: Maximizing Your Sunshine Intake

What a good weekend it’s going to be! For those of you who are staying in Florence, you’ve made a wise choice. The forecast is sunny, or at least most of it is. Anyway, here’re some ways to make the best of the sun…and by best, I mean being lazy under the sun.

Go to Ponte Vecchio but, before you go onto the bridge, turn left or turn right and keep on going. The Arno never looks batter than when it’s basking in the sunshine. You should do the same. Meander along the Arno for as far as you wish. A little gelato is encouraged, too.

Take a trip to the Boboli Garden just across Ponte Vecchio. Bring a book, an appetite for greenery and fountains, or maybe just some lazy eyes. There’s no shame in lying down on a nice patch of grass and taking a nap. Just, whatever you do, do not bring homework. A suggestion is to make a quick stop for gelato on the way at any gelateria you like. The added sugar in your system will increase the enjoyment of your nap. They accept the Uffizi Pass (if not it’s about 10 euro) and they are open from 8:15am to 5:30pm.

Get lost. Take a map if you want to be secure, but don’t look at it if you don’t have to. See how many parks you can stop at in your day. If parks aren’t your thing, try stopping at some gelaterie.

The point is: don’t stay inside and try to avoid narrow streets as they tend to cast shadows over your being. Just remember those cold weeks of January and February when sunshine was a rarity. Hit up these stops, or find your own, as long as it involves plenty of sun…and gelato.


By Jake Sheets

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