Students Remember Slovenia, Feels Like It Was Just Last Weekend

Whether you were in Slovenia this last weekend or not, you’ve probably been in the midst of reminiscing about the trip at least one point this week. Maybe you just can’t get enough or are jealous of those who went but here are some more thoughts from the trip. Best thing that can happen – You decide to miss you flight home and reroute to Slovenia. Hint: Ljubljana, the capital, is pronounced Lubliana. Enjoy.


“Let it be known: Slovenia is a beautiful country. After Friday’s walking tour of Ljunljana, with its many bridges crossing the river running through the city, the exhaustive bus ride to Slovenia was immediately validated. I know I wasn’t the only one to take advantage of the fresh fruits, milk, and bureks in the market. Exponentially more spectacular was the ride along Lake Bled in Pletna boats powered by old Slovenian men. The weather was amazing that day for also walking up the “99 steps”, ringing the wishing bell, and exploring a castle with an amazing view. The trip finished strong with a trip to a cave once thought to be the home of a dragon. While no ferocious dragons were to be found after a Gringott’s/Splash mountain-esque train ride into the depths of the cave, there were plenty of stalactites, stalagmites, and blind salamanders aka cute white baby dragons.”

-Kevin Evans ’14


“The beauty of Slovenia is astounding. Nestled along the alps and filled with picturesque rivers and lakes, I found myself wondering if I had wandered into a storybook land where 1000 year old castles and dragons in caves truly do exist. Because of the region’s tumultuous history, the country has a very unique blend of cultures. I think this is probably one of the things I liked best. It wasn’t uncommon to go to a restaurant and see Italian-style pizza on the menu right next to Hungarian goulash!”



“I had a great time in Slovenia. It was a place I had never really thought about visiting, but I am extremely glad that I did. The whole country invited relaxation and pure enjoyment of the gorgeous natural surroundings as well as interesting architecture and people. I loved how friendly and welcoming everyone was and how I could wander and just view Ljubljana or Bled and simply enjoy the world and the company of the people around me. We packed a lot of activity into the weekend, but nothing seemed rushed. It was a perfect end of the semester trip to relax a bit and release the stress of school and travel.”

-Krista Beyer ’14


“During our trip to the Slovenia caves-with one of the largest cave systems in the world-I stood gaping at the enormous rooms that lurked 100-plus meters underground. The experience felt surreal, like we actually were invading the home of ancient dragons.”

-Kendra Cockerham ’13


“I loved the Postojnska caves! Wandering the caves brought out the kid in me. Bled had an interesting history but relaxing atmosphere. Bellissimo!”

-Meredith Apfelbaum ’14


“Going into the Slovenia trip I had no expectations and therefore every one hope was exceeded. The city itself is small and extremely quiet in comparison to the other places so the “field trips” to Lake Bled and the Caves were a good change of pace for the city. I was happy to see looking through “the top places to see in Ljubljana” that we had seen basically all of them during our tour of the city. Since Ljubljana was small I was able to see everything and also relax without feeling the added pressure of needing to see this or be there. Furthermore Slovenia has never been on my radar of places to go and so it was good going with the school and having things set up which allowed me even more relaxation. To sum it up it was an extremely relaxing trip that I thoroughly enjoyed!”

-Jacob Kearney ’13


“I absolutely adored Lake Bled! In particular I felt fortunate that our guide explained the significance behind the various historical and religious locations as well as the tradition behind the tourist boats and wishing bell. The view from the medieval castle was just as wonderful. Lake Bled is incredibly beautiful and I am thankful that we were able to visit during our time in Slovenia.”

-Nikki Busch ’13


By Jake Sheets

Photo by Nikki Busch


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  1. It seems this trip was a great success! One would think students in their teens would prefer a busy city wibe to serenity of a place like Bled. Obviously no one is completely immune to Slovenia’s charms.


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