Sweets & Odd Looks in the Name of African Women

As much as those sweets at the bottom of the stairs last week were tasty and certainly a nice treat, they were obviously being sold for more than our enjoyment. All the money is being donated to Nuru International, a charity for easy access to water in Africa. Having plenty of work nothing to do and some curiosities, I blogged about it with the help of Pat Noonan and Christina Bernal.

What is “Bring Hope to Her?”

“A solidarity movement to raise awareness and advocacy to build wells and promote innovation so that the women in Africa can avoid walking long distances to get water. On average they walk three miles each way multiple times a day. This will give them time to go to school. The best thing that this does is to educate women. Educated mothers allows for excellent resources when rearing their children. It’s not just giving aid, but giving them a future.”



How would you describe your role?

“All of the profits from the bake sale and the walk go to Nuru International to help build the wells. Last year at Gonzaga University, we raised $300 and the cost to build one well is $400. The last time Gonzaga-In-Florence hosted this event was two years ago, but the amount is unknown.”



What about this walk you mentioned? What are the details?

“I have done walk for the past two years at Gonzaga University. It’s probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It’s interesting how the people look at you and what they must be thinking. You have to balance the bucket on your head and neck, and it strains your back and spine. You’re thinking in your mind that you hope you don’t trip and fall, especially from all the cobblestones in Florence. How do little girls do this? And they’re use to it.”



“The walk is on April 13 at 10:00 in the morning. We start at Piazza del Duomo with empty buckets and walk to Santo Spirito. We fill out buckets up with water from the fountain there and walk back with the bucket on our heads to Mercato Nuovo by Piazza della Reppublica and we pour out our water by the boar’s head.”



There are 40 buckets available for the walk and still plenty of space for you to sign up. It’s only a 5 euro donation to do so. Not only will it go along way, but the procession of American students with buckets of water on their heads complete with police escort is certainly a first for many, including Gonzaga as the first university to hold this event outside of the United States.


By Jake Sheets


Categories: Life Abroad

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