Florence Attracts Students, Has Gelato

A longer title could very well be “Why we came to Florence, what we learned, and how much weight we gained in the process,” but that’s too much. Students might come to Florence to study but just what we study is quite different. Though engineering, art, business, or another field is intended all of us each come out of the program learning something much more. For myself, I discovered I had a high aptitude to learn about gelato. Here a some of the best gelaterie I’ve had the privilege to stumble upon, and I encourage you to do the same if you’ve haven’t yet been so lucky.

Vivoli is located near Santa Croce and has an excellent array of flavors. It’s just close enough to Santa Croce so your gelato won’t melt by the time you get there, but also off the beaten track to avoid long lines of ambivalent tourists.

Antica Gelateria Fiorentina is located near Mercato Centrale. Antica has one of the most affordable, most generous servings of gelato in the city.

Coronas Cafe is located near Piazza della Repubblica. Though this can get packed with people, they moce you through quickly and, being right near Piazza della Repubblica, it’s a prime spot for enjoying your gelato outside.

Gelateria Santa Trinita is located by Ponte Santa Trinita, on the south side. Expensive: yes. Busy: yes. But the location is probably the best. With a serving of any flavour you like, step outside and take in the beautiful Arno and Ponte Vecchio.

Caffé Ricchi is located in Piazza Santo Spirito which seems to be a separate section of Florence which can only be found if not looking for it or if in dire need of good gelato. This makes Caffé Ricchi all the more hidden treasure-like. Better yet, it’s highly affordable and the servings are as generous as they come.

Anywhere in Florence is a great place for gelato. After all, the key to good gelato is wanting it so badly you could eat it after a 4-course meal of pasta and meat. Cog God save us when we leave Italy.


By Jake Sheets

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  1. Ohh if I were to travel to Florence, I indeed would return home 10 pounds heavier.


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