Remembering France So You Don’t Forget

Perhaps one day you’ll find yourself with the desire to go to France. Paris is the go-to place, but don’t forget that whole French Riviera place. Remember Monaco and remember to bring your wallet when you go – It’s the place to show off your wealth. If you are a student and don’t have wealth, Monaco is still the place to at least show off your pretend-wealth. Then there’s Nice which, in all generalities, is nice. But for now, continue procrastinating from your studying and enjoy what students such as yourself made of the Riviera.



I thought Southern France was great, it offered the perfect amount of sunshine, beach time, and city life. I would have to say the highlight was Monaco. That city is dripping with money so it was interesting seeing all the expensive cars and exotic people.

-Carson Thompson ’14


Southern France was the perfect place to spend Easter weekend! My favorite part of the trip was going to the top of the “Colline du Chateau” or “Castle Hill” in Nice. The hike up features an impressive manmade waterfall, while the summit offered beautiful views of the Bay of Angels, Old Nice and the port. It was absolutely breathtaking!

-Nichole Fisher ’13


The whole of Nice was really beautiful. We ate cactus ice cream and smoked cigars on the beach. Swimming in the surf and a sunset picnic on the cliff rounded the trip out nicely.

-Garrett Sparks ’14


My favorite things about Nice, France this past weekend were the croissants, Musee des Beau-Arts, and the stunning sea. The croissants at breakfast were amazing, as they were true French croissants, meaning they were the soft, butter croissants that I could tear apart and dip into honey. I was even inspired enough by these croissants to sketch an idea that came about at breakfast one morning. In the Musee des Beau-Arts, I was expecting to find more well-known artists, who did not exist in this gallery. However, I did unexpectedly stumble upon the amazing sculpture Le Baiser by Auguste Rodin. And lastly, the color of the sea was so vibrant, and it was great to sit on the beach and soak all the sun and sights in.

-Lisa Nicchi ’13


France was an outstanding trip! I loved our time in Nice, the historical background on Nice gave some great insight on the city which is often overlooked due to its beauty. Speaking of beauty the beach was lovely and it was a good way to spend time with my classmates as we admire the city, people and culture of Nice.

-Ylisse Bess, ’13


Last weekend’s trip to Southern France was actually the first one I had been on with the school. Despite having a limited amount of time in Monte Carlo, I thought it was one of the highlights of the trip. Since it was Easter Sunday, we got the opportunity to attend to mass, though the service was in French. We were able to see what seemed to be the royal family since they were also in attendance. The weather that day was also quite nice which allowed for an enjoyable trip. After mass, we rode a small train around the city in order to get a feel for it and tour the major sights. Overall, Southern France was a nice way to end my school trips.

-Elizabeth Martinez ’13


The people, architecture and food in Nice are surprisingly very similar to towns in Italy. The beautiful pebble beach, though, was my favorite part about Nice.

-Jayne Franchini ’13


My favorite part of the Southern France was being in Nice. The buildings in Old Town were colorful and the ocean views were spectacular. The food in France was also a highlight of the trip. No bread will ever compare.

-Kevin Roberts ’14


By Jake Sheets

Sketch by Lisa Nicchi


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