Movie Choices: Making it Through Your Flight Home

Because your 10+ hour flight to Italy may seem like just yesterday, it’s important to load up on whatever entertainment is relevant to make it go by as fast as possible. Whether you want a thriller, comedy, drama, or a movie to make you feel really homesick, head to iTunes where you can find all of these either for rent or to purchase. (I better get a check from Apple for what I just wrote).


Up in the Air

The Connection: Planes and life changing experiences.

Ryan Bingham’s life is occupied by his job of travelling to downsize companies. However, when his company grounds him, he is forced to change his lifestyle.


Into the Wild

The Connection: Your own life-changing adventure.

Christopher McCandless sets out to live in the Alaskan wilderness after he graduate high school. On his way, he meets many people who influence his life.


O’ Brother, Where Art Thou?

The Connection: Unexpected adventures.

Three friends escape from prison and set out to regain their lives. Inspired by Homer’s Illiad, this movie is quite an adventure filled with great music and memorable characters.


Snakes on a Plane

The Connection: On an airplane.

Samuel L. Jackson is an FBI agent who fights wild packs of snakes on a plane. ‘Nuff said.

Note: Avoid watching this when the people sitting next to you are awake. That elderly German couple may feel a bit uncomfortable.


Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

The Connection: Because your adventure was that excellent.

Bill & Ted must pass their history class with a final history report or else Ted’s father will ship him off to military school, ending their dream to form a band. Together they travel through time and collect historical figures for one excellent history report.


Cast Away

The Connection: Returning home.

Chuck Noland’s flight crashes into the ocean and he find himself washed upon a deserted island. Unfortunately he got screwed and couldn’t make use of his “one thing to bring if you’re stuck on a deserted island.” However, with the company of Wilson, a volleyball, he finds a way to survive mentally and physically on the island for four years. When he is rescued, he struggles to reintegrate back into society and pick up a life that’s long gone.

Note: Avoid watching this over the Atlantic. Wait until you hit America.


North by Northwest

The Connection: Though you’re not being hunted, you’re still probably tired of travelling.

An Alfred Hitchcock classic (which one isn’t?), Roger O. Thornhill is a classic case of mistaken identity. He finds himself scrambling across the country to avoid foreign spies who think he’s a government agent.


The Trip

The Connection: Travelling is fun, but home is pleasant.

British actors Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon play themselves as they take a week to travel through the English countryside to tour restaurants for a food magazine. This film is laced with witty dialogue and brilliant impersonations and should have you crying from laughter multiple times.



The Connection: On an airplane.

In this pioneer of the mockumentary, airplane passengers and crew in mid-flight suffer from bad fish and need to land. A retired fighter-pilot is forced to overcome his fear from combat in order to land the plane and save the passengers.


By Jake Sheets

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