CampusWall allows students to buy/sell/swap within campus community

Are you looking to buy, sell or swap stuff on campus before the semester ends? Or perhaps you’re an incoming freshman looking to get good deals on dorm stuff in the fall. CampusWall is here to help.

Similar to Craigslist, CampusWall is a new service where college students or faculty can create an account and post things that they are looking for or that they have available under various categories, including “Marketplace,” “Housing,” “Jobs” and “Services.” And now, there is a Gonzaga-specific CampusWall page ready for students and faculty on campus (or those students living off campus, as well).

Tina Snyder, one of the creators of the site, was inspired to create CampusWall when she found that services like this were not necessarily readily available to students on college campuses.

“It kind of started as something that I saw a need for, a safe and convenient place for students, a self-contained environment for sharing,” Snyder said. “As a parent, I wanted to make it a service for students. The goal is to provide a safe, easy to use service for them.”

Snyder said that CampusWall is meant to be “simple and easy to use.”

Indeed, all students or faculty need to get started is their Gonzaga-issued email address. Simply go to the CampusWall website and select your state and university. Then, to sign up, enter your desired username and your Gonzaga email address. A confirmation email with a temporary password will then be sent to your email, and you can begin posting! This way, the site stays solely within the GU community, since you need a valid GU email to register for the page.

Students can post things under the various categories based on need or assistance. For example, if they need a ride to the airport, if they’re looking for potential housing for next year, or even if they’re looking to get rid of the couch in their living room or want to give away free stuff. Likewise, faculty can post things as well, such as potential internship or job opportunities. And if you don’t see a category that you think should be added, there is an email address at the bottom of the page where students can submit suggestions to Snyder and her team.

“There’s certainly room for expansion,” Snyder said.

There is a certain element of responsibility, as this is a service in which students independently post to others within the campus community, and there is a button where users can report site abuse.

“You’re representing the student community. I feel secure that it will be self-monitored, and that people will adhere to standards,” Snyder said.

Snyder said that it has been more than a month since CampusWall has launched; and while it’s still it’s in its infancy, the site has been “really well-received.”

The CampusWall site can be found here.


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