Former Zag residence now a new upscale restaurant

A new Mediterranean restaurant opened today at 913 E. Sharp Ave. Within a close proximity to Gonzaga, Clover is all about providing quality fine dining in a homey atmosphere. Part of what makes the restaurant unique, according to owner Scott McCandless, is its dedication to locality and quality.

The restaurant features a garden in its front yard where herbs like rosemary, sage and basil are growing. In the backyard, a structure that serves as a bakery provides the menu’s bread. The distinctly Mediterranean theme and menu consists of items like Californian olive oil, shrimp from the Louisiana coast and Alaskan halibut.

The wooden plank wall separating the restaurant from the hustle-and-bustle of Sharp and Hamilton is not Clover’s only home-style appeal. The inside’s distinct lived-in feel comes from the fact that the restaurant used to be residential living for Gonzaga students.

To check out photos of the food and the restaurant, check out the Spokesman-Review’s piece here.  Their full story, which includes prices of certain menu items can be found here.

To read the full story on Clover at KXLY, click here.



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