Join the Club, Drink in the Knights of Columbus


The Knights of Columbus located at 302 East Boone Avenue

For juniors and seniors who are finally of drinking age, an important question is raised, “Should I become a member of the Christopher Columbus Club?” Most students know of the existence of the Knights of Columbus building on campus, however, are unaware of the bar within it.  It is known as the Christopher Columbus Club and is member only association.  Luckily, joining the club is a fairly simple process consisting of a referral by an instated member, along with a $20 membership fee. The fee may deter some students; little to their knowledge the membership comes with perks well beyond access to the bar.

Upon membership, members receive a t-shirt, which then allows for bragging rights since it is a members only club. Along with this, members are given a membership card and invited to the Membership Card Party (which will be occurring roughly at the end of September). Though it is not necessary to join before the card party, it does allow for the chance to meet other members and enjoy some delicious free food. If members want to keep enjoying free food then they have the option of doing so during Gonzaga basketball game. The club shows all of the Gonzaga basketball games and offers members free chili with the potential for other food items. If that was not enough, members also have access to free chips and salsa at all times. This is actually a great deal since chips and salsa go for $5 at another local bar.

With roughly 300 student members joining last year, there must be a reason people are becoming a member of the Christopher Columbus Club. “It’s just an awesome place to come with friends,” Brett McCoubrey, a Gonzaga senior and club member said. McCoubrey described the drinks as inexpensive, especially in comparison to other local bars. “[The membership fee] is more than paid back with the drink specials,” she stated. One of her favorite specials and a popular club special are the vodka gummies, which McCoubrey described as being “so good.” Gummy candies are taken and infused with vodka over a period of days, making for a delicious candy especially for adults. While the club was not selling vodka gummies at the moment, they were offering members $3 screwdrivers as their daily special. This drink is just one of their many well-known specials.

Lori Emery, the manager of Knights of Columbus Spokane Council #683, explained that the bar also offers an assortment of activities for students. Members have access to ping pong, foosball and Wii. “It is a nice, safe place to hang out,” Emery said.

If interested in joining the Christopher Columbus Club, find a friend or acquaintance that is a member and get them to refer you. It is well worth the effort of finding a member!


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  1. I would love to buy a T Shirt just to support your group, and the lame decision by your school to recognise the Knights.


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