GU News U Can Use

Photo Courtesy of Drew Reeves

A new web video series has cropped up on campus encouraging students to get more involved. The series is called “GU News U Can Use” and is run by broadcast seniors Gracie Ditzler and Drew Reeves.

The series came about as a partnership between GSBA and GUTV to make students more knowledgeable about events happening around campus. The first video in the series came out last Tuesday and can be seen on YouTube on the GUNewsUCanUse or goGSBA channels.

GSBA and GUTV are working on the project jointly to get students involved. The videos will be posted every Monday on the GSBA website and Facebook page as well as to GU News U Can Use’s Facebook and Twitter.

“We just wanted to make something funny that people might look at and actually see what’s happening on campus,” said Reeves. “We had no idea it would turn into something that so many people have seen.”

In two days the video garnered over 250 views on the GUNewsUCanUse channel and nearly 150 views on the goGSBA channel.

Ditzler and Reeves said they believe the success is because of their PR studies as well.

“We understand that having a social media presence is extremely important, and I think we can both use it effectively,” Ditzler said.

The two have created a Twitter account, Facebook page, YouTube channel and Instagram for their fake newscast all under the name GUNewsUCanUse.

“We are just hoping that through all of our posts and videos, that people will actually find things on campus that they didn’t really know about and want to get involved,” said Ditzler.

If groups on campus or students want to promote events and clubs, then they can contact either Reeves or Ditzler through any form of social media or email them at

Reeves said that GU News U Can Use was already bigger than he had anticipated. The video had been shared and retweeted by several followers, and even put on the Gonzaga University Facebook page.

Check out the lasted video below!


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