Spike Says So: It’s Gon-ZAG-uh

At what point in time is one supposed to stop correcting family members on how to pronounce Gonzaga?

-Annoyed and Confused

Would you stop correcting a family member who insisted on buying you clothing sized for a 6-year-old girl even though you are actually an 18-year-old male?

Well, yes, probably, because you would recognize that they are a little confused in the head and deserve special consideration.

I think that’s the best way to act with a person who can’t pronounce Gonzaga correctly. The first couple of times, you kindly correct them. Then, become a bit more adamant. Whenever you think they’re about to make an error (“This is my nephew, he goes to -“) you can jump in with the correct pronunciation (GONZAGAAAAAA!!!! G-O-N-Z-A-G-A! GO! GONZAGA!). Hopefully they’ll eventually get the hint.

And if they don’t? Just start smiling at them with a mixture of kindness and superiority each time they mess it up. They clearly couldn’t have gotten in anyways.

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