The Magic of a Musical

Gonzaga’s Theatre and Dance department is getting ready to present its production of “A Chorus Line” on Fall Family Weekend with shows on Oct. 19 at 8:30pm and Oct. 20 at 2 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

If you think musicals aren’t for you, think again. “A Chorus Line” is full of hilarious jokes, catchy music, and amazing dancing. As a member of the cast, I’ve seen this production go from a mere thought to a fantastic reality in a matter of weeks.

Without spoiling the show, I’ll give you a backstage look at the amazing musical that is about to rock this campus for the next two weekends.

Did you know that putting together a show goes far beyond a director and a group of eager actors? From costume designers, set builders, and choreographers, the amount of work from other students and faculty is enormous.

Check out this special video on the behind the scenes aspect of the production, created by Brenna Greene and myself.

Seeing how much work these people put in has put everything in perspective for me. Going to rehearsal five days a week for about two months has been quite a commitment, but it will all be worth it when the curtain rises on Friday.

Under the direction of Scott Doughty, choreography of Suzanne Ostersmith, and musical direction of Sean Kane, I’ve learned so much about the beauty of musical theatre and dance.

The plot of “A Chorus Line” is a simple one: it’s a Friday night in New York, and a group of dancers (ranging from inexperienced to undiscovered superstars) are auditioning for a Broadway show. Each person auditioning has a distinct personality, and in order to impress the director, they have to reveal “real” facts about their life.

Throughout the show, each character does this in varying hilarious ways: breaking into dance, singing silly songs, and going into deep monologues. “A Chorus Line” is a unique experience for any audience member, because it doesn’t follow a traditional plot. If you attend, you will definitely be entertained and surprised.

With this being my debut into musical theatre, I was simply awestruck at my ability to learn dance moves quickly and memorize harmonies rehearsal after rehearsal. Performing musical theatre is different than simply singing a song on stage, or acting in conventional play. Instead it’s a complex combination of those two things, plus dancing!

If you ask any of my fellow cast members, they will agree that dancing is the hardest part of this production, no matter what their experience level is. This show will feature all types of dance, from ballet, to jazz, contemporary, and even break-dance.

The magic of a musical is that there is something for everyone, so odds are you will be impressed by something (but hopefully everything) from “A Chorus Line”.

 Check out the official trailer for our production below. If you haven’t bought tickets yet and would like more information, please go to If you are attending the show, don’t forget to RSVP at our Facebook Page



By Joe Gooding


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