5 Tips to Prepare You for Finals

Finals are just around the corner and life is probably getting a little stressful. To make things easier for you, follow these simple tips to get you through the last few weeks of school.

1)   Double-check all deadlines and times of your finals. This may seem like something you would only tell a freshman, but it’s actually a common mistake. The last thing you need is realizing Monday night that your 400 level biology exam is actually on Tuesday and not Thursday.

2)   Stay organized. Disorganization creates chaos and that is not what you need during these stressful times.

3)   Get enough sleep. As awesome as Dayglow was and even though Pizza Oven is usually poppin’ on a Saturday night, just make sure to get enough sleep. You’re going to regret it if you end up not doing any homework and sleeping through the rest of the weekend because you are so exhausted.

4)   Don’t procrastinate. Gonzaga should offer a concentration in procrastination because let’s be honest, it’s a common occurrence. But, TRY, just try not to procrastinate during these next few weeks. It’s just going to make all of it so much worse.

5)   Figure out how you are getting home. While one would hope that this has already been decided, if you do not know how you are getting home yet, figure it out now so then you have one less thing to worry about during finals week.


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