Best and Worst Dressed of the Grammys


The Grammy's Best & Worst Dressed

(All images from, edited/compiled by Joe Gooding)

The 55th Annual Grammy Awards were filled with fashion hits and misses, mesmerizing musical performances, and a whole slew of tributes to legendary artists. I was shocked to see how tame the Red Carpet was this year without fashion freaks like Lady GaGa or Nicki Minaj. However, it was refreshing to see glitz, glam, and elegance as the theme for Sunday’s award show.

Carrie & Carly

Chart-toppers Carrie Underwood and Carly Rae Jepsen took fashion cues from each other, wearing similar strapless metallic frocks. Carrie’s Roberto Cavalli dress wasn’t complete of course without the 381-carat diamond necklace adorning her neck (a $31-million piece of bling). Carly shocked with her goth vixen look that contradicts her bubble-gum pop music persona.

Alicia, J.Lo, & Kelly

Whether they were as relevant as J.Lo, or as forgotten as Kelly Rowland, black was the choice color for female artists at The Grammys. Alicia Keys had the most fashion forward gown of the three, wearing iconic designer Azzedine Alaia. The perfect amount of skin was bared, and the architectural design of the dress flattered her figure impeccably. Jennifer had her “Grammy moment” years ago with a famous green Versace gown, this year she looks like’s she trying to hard in her revealing Anthony Vaccarello dress. Newsflash Jenny, Angeline already bared a thigh-high slit earlier this award season and made it her trademark. Kelly Rowland’s dress was visually interesting, although one awkward movement would result in a wardrobe malfunction. But who knows? Maybe that was what she was aiming for.

Adele, Katy, & Florence

Three other female artists stood out for their use of color on the Red Carpet, but not in a good way. The fit of Adele’s Valentino designed dress may have given her beautiful curves, but the busy floral print makes anyone want to avert their eyes. Adele’s look last year was simple and iconic, but this year it looks like she stole her grandmother’s drapes, and that is why I’m crowing her Worst Dressed. Katy Perry comes in a close second for a Gucci gown that almost works, but mostly doesn’t. The pea soup color does nothing for her skin tone, and all the attention is on an unflattering cutout on her bust. I preferred her gorgeous Elie Saab gown last year to this flat-falling getup. Florence Welch of “Florence and The Machine” wore a more pleasant shade of green, but the reptilian fit and oddly-placed spike detailing of this dress were all wrong.  The poorly tossed hair, matching purse, and even matching heels didn’t help this clichéd look either. Poor Florence was going for “futuristic” but landed on “freaky”.

Rihanna, & Taylor

The two pop stars I was most impressed with were Taylor Swift and Rihanna. They picked dresses that not only bared the right amount of skin, but brought some much needed “flawlessness” to the award show. Rihanna’s ethereal gown designed by Alaia (the same designer of Alicia’s dress) was just the highlight of this drop dead gorgeous look. RiRi’s cascading locks (naturally colored by the way) paired with dramatic red lips, minimal bling, and sexy nails made her the queen of the night. This is where a monochromatic scheme works (compared to Florence), when the main color is as luscious and inviting as the crimson Rihanna donned. She undoubtedly wins my Best Dressed! (She also won last year too!) One of Taylor’s favorite designers is J. Mendel (she’s worn the designer to the EMA’s, VMA’s, and more), and it’s easy to see why. Her look screams “Grecian Goddess” in the best possible way. The silver features add flair to an otherwise simple dress. Her hair and makeup are natural and don’t overpower, but rather increase the softness of the entire look.

Drake, Fun. & Justin

Men’s fashion on the Red Carpet is always a tossup. Either everyone is wearing the same suit, or everyone is wearing a dressed down getup that attempts to be fashion forward, but fails. This year’s Grammys was an exception, we saw a little bit of everything. Following the ladies, these men kept their style simple, classic, and elegant. Drake, who won best rap album this year, looked dashing in a slightly metallic cobalt blue blazer. The bowtie added instant class to the look. The band “Fun.” wore amazing color-coordinated suits (a la One Direction maybe?) that were modernized with their slim fits. The only thing that bothered me about this otherwise swag ensemble is that they showed off their ankles like nobody’s business. Some dress socks would have made them my Best Dressed pick.  The literal “Suit & Tie” singer Justin Timberlake did not disappoint in a stunning Tom Ford suit (great marketing on their part). The two-toned shoes and pocket square are probably my favorite accessories ever in this Best Dressed outfit.

Ed, Frank, & Ne-Yo

You would think looking handsome would not be that hard for these successful male artists, but their outfits are proving the exact opposite. Ed Sheeran get’s a barely passing grade, wearing a suit to his first Grammys. However, it doesn’t fit right at all (see the pooling of fabric near his ankles and the sleeves attempting to swallow his hands), and don’t get me started with the Nikes on his feet. They look like they were bought at a nearby Zumiez at the last minute. The whole look is sloppy; just stare at his misaligned tie. It pains me to hate on Frank Ocean, especially when he makes such amazing, deep music. But when it comes to his fashion, this look just did not do it for me. The boring blue getup looks larger than it should be, making him look weirdly disheveled. He also looks a little bit uncomfortable, and I would be too if I was wearing a baggy blue (almost turtleneck) sweater to “Music’s Biggest Night”. However, both Ed and Frank were tame fashion offenders compared to Ne-Yo. The clashing fabrics and textures make this suit an eyesore. Picking up on the animal print trend, he paired a black leopard print shirt with a gaudy metallic blazer. Adding the shiny, ill-fitting pants flushed this outfit down the toilet. The weirdest part of this getup is the crazy accessories. Matte black boots, sunglasses (cue my eye roll), and a fedora tell me that Ne-Yo is having a major fashion identity crisis. There’s too much going on and competing with each other, which just adds to the fact that he is trying too hard. Ne-Yo for Worst Dressed 2013!

What was your favorite fashion moment of The Grammys? I’d love to hear your input, so comment below or tweet at me @JGmusic92! Thanks for reading!


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