Things We Must Remember About Spokane

A Chocolate Chip Cookie, Mocha and Sandwich from  Atticus. Photo Courtesy of Jake Sheets

A Chocolate Chip Cookie, Mocha and Sandwich from Atticus. Photo Courtesy of Jake Sheets

It’s important as we continue through these colder weeks of the year that you remember to get your fix of hot chocolate and coffee. Of course, hot chocolate and coffee can be much more than just hot chocolate and coffee and, if you agree, I recommend going to Atticus Coffee and Gifts on 222 N. Howard Street. It is, perhaps, my favorite place off campus. It’s in a great building with 20 foot, red-painted ceilings and old wood floors. It feels very English, unless it’s snowing outside, then it feels Irish. However, if you go with your friends and are limited with your out of body experience, it feels like Spokane. They have things other than hot chocolate and coffee. Of course, they have many different kinds of coffee. Don’t just drink one type of coffee. Drink many –– so that you develop different tastes.

You can also enjoy a nice cup of hot tea, if that’s your preference, or an iced tea if your body temperature is above the norm. In the realm of food, they have fresh cookies and brownies or a variety of other pastries and interesting sandwiches. So come hungry.

Now don’t worry –– all of the menu items are quite affordable; a drink, pastry, and sandwich usually comes to $8. That’s good for a drink, lunch, and a desert, amirite?

The longest I’ve ever had to wait is about ten minutes, but that’s really rare. Usually there’s a table open. However, if you do have to wait, you will surely enjoy the “gifts” part of Atticus Coffee and Gifts. There are useless room decorations, unique snacks, and crafty books –– not to mention the most straight-forward greeting cards. Try the birthday card reading “No one cheats death like you.” The books contain the best interest if you’re waiting. For you ladies, and maybe guys, who view Pride & Prejudice as the Bible, you can find books on recipes, fashion, and other facets of the novel’s lifestyle. Guys who like to stay classy, flip through the book that gives you ways to exercise in your suit.

As for me, I go whenever I can for a large mocha and chocolate-chip cookie, and you can always find me at Atticus on Saturday and Sunday afternoons…. So don’t go during that time.


by Jake Sheets


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