Ronald Prindle: Not Your Average PR Professor


Let’s play a game of name that professor! Which Gonzaga University professor rides Harley Davidson motorcycles and is a member of the Harley Davidson’s national advisory board? Was Naval Officer of the Year in 1986? And used to show Great Pyrenees dogs? If you guessed public relations professor, Dr. Ronald Prindle, you are correct.

After Prindle’s graduation from GU, he served for 22 years as an officer in the U.S. Navy.

While in the Navy, Prindle grew his public relations skills by serving as command public affairs officer, planner for the Portland Rose Festival, and was awarded the Navy Achievement Medal in recognition of his community relations work.

“Following my retirement from the Navy, I served for five years as a business manager and contracting officer for a state agency. During that time I returned to Gonzaga for a Ph.D. For the past five years I’ve served as an instructor and academic program director at Gonzaga,” Prindle said.
It has always been a dream of Prindle’s to return to GU to teach. He originally started as an adjunct, teaching Introduction to Speech, and was later invited to be a public relations instructor as well as director.
“Public relations is an ethical profession that contributes to the greater good and makes a significant, positive difference in organizational success,” Prindle said.
“Gonzaga students are truly amazing. They are the best. I feel blessed and privileged to be an instructor here. What I love most about teaching is the opportunity to make a difference as an instructor and academic advisor and the opportunity to give back to the university that I love and that I credit for the successes in my life,” Prindle said.
“You can really tell that he cares so much about his students. He forms great relationships and its apparent that he is so passionate about what he does,” senior Lauren Englund said.
Even if you aren’t a public relations major or minor, taking a class with Prindle is worth it for his enthusiasm and genuine passion for his students.

By Susan Portman

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