Streaming Suggestions: March 2013


If you’re like any other college student, access to premium video streaming services such as Netflix, HBO Go, or Hulu Plus is essential to getting through the week. Here are a few suggestions for each service that are worth watching:


Safety Not Guaranteed: A comedy-drama about time travel doesn’t sound that great on paper, but this movie has got a lot of heart and a lot of laughs. Aubrey Plaza (“Parks and Recreation”) plays an intern at a Seattle magazine that investigates a newspaper classified ad by a man (Mark Duplass) looking for a partner to go back in time with him. An underlying theme of the fading dreams of aspiring professionals in their 20s and 30s gives the film that extra feeling of connection for any undergrad.

Mad Men: One of the most critically acclaimed shows of all time (look at that Emmy count!) will be returning in April, so why not catch up now if you’re behind? This show follows the New York advertising industry in the 1960s, with its beauty, greed, and cutthroat attitude. Brilliant performances from Jon Hamm, Elisabeth Moss and January Jones aren’t just good eye candy; their characters seem to be true accounts of what it was like to live in the glamorous period of recent American history.


Seven: Looking for a little suspense? David Fincher’s 1997 masterpiece tells the story of a serial killer (Kevin Spacey) reenacting the seven deadly sins with his murders, and the two policemen (Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt) on his trail. Things might get a little graphic at times, but the shocking finale is well worth the trip. If you’re a fan of Fincher’s other work (“Fight Club”, “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”) this is where you’ll see the start of his genius.

Girls: Post graduation life is nothing easy, especially for these four women in their twenties living in New York. Written and directed by Lena Dunham, (who just recently became the first woman ever to win a Directors Guild Award for Outstanding Comedy or Musical Series) each episode has some honesty and a true feeling of being at a crossroads in life. There’s something here for the guys too; it’s not often you get a chance to see the female perspective in a show for mature audiences.

Hulu Plus

Parks & Recreation (Season 5): Easily one of the funniest shows on television today, this NBC comedy deals with the inner workings of the department of Parks and Recreation in the small town of Pawnee, Indiana. Every member of the cast contributes to the hilariousness, which is rare to find these days. Standouts include Amy Poehler, Aziz Ansari, Nick Offerman, and Rob Lowe. Each season has continued to bring the laughs, and season five is no different.

By E.J. Spangler


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