10 Things to do at GU before the end of the year

  1. college-photo_64._445x280-zmmAttend GU Spring Events

As we get into the later half of the semester, there’s a bunch of things happening on campus. From Gonzaga’s Spring Bling on the Foley Lawn (April 17) to the Student Spring Dance Concert (April 25, 26, 27), the next month and a few weeks will be full with things to do and enjoy!

2. Try Out the New Jamba Juice/ Zaggin Wagon

Zag Dining has introduced a couple of new offerings recently: a food truck called the “Zaggin Wagon”, which is parked between College Hall and Crosby, as well as a Jamba Juice that has replaced Freshens in the fitness center. Both places offer new items and really add to the growing list of options for students who need a break from the COG.

3. Catch Up/ Study For Finals

We’ve all been there: we may get behind in our studies when the weather starts to get better. But now it’s prime time to flex those brain muscles. Buckle down and get work done! Finals are around the corner, and if you’re caught snoozing, it might come back to bite you.

4. Attend a GU Baseball Game

Basketball may be over, but baseball season is just about to get interesting. Grab your friends and head over to the baseball field for Dollar Dog Day (April 26 vs. BYU) while also cheering on the Zags. Also, don’t forget that Men’s and Women’s Tennis are just about to wrap up their season.

5. Participate in GEL Weekend

If you went through it as a senior in high school, you already know how much of a blast GEL weekend is. Helping to convince a potential Zag to come to GU, while also participating in fun events such as a hypnotist show or the GUTS show? Count me in!

6. Read the Gonzaga Bulletin/ Watch GUTV

Every week, the Bulletin and GUTV offer updates of important news involving GU. Pick up a copy of the Gonzaga Bulletin every Thursday throughout campus, and watch GUTV Sit-Down on Mondays at 5 p.m. and Wednesdays for GU This Week at 5 p.m..

7. Spring Cleaning

We’re almost finished with the semester, so why not get a head start on something that will eventually need to be done? There’s nothing like walking into a tidy dorm/apartment/ or house! Do those dishes from last month, maybe a few loads of laundry, and vacuuming for the first time this semester wouldn’t hurt!

8. Explore Off Campus

Gonzaga isn’t the only thing great in Spokane. Explore a bit! From the Spokane Valley Mall, to the bars and nightlife downtown (for those who are over 21), there’s a whole different world out there away from campus.

9. Bloomsday

The Lilac Bloomsday Run, also known as Bloomsday, is an annual timed road race in Spokane, and has been held on the first Sunday of every May since 1877. The run has had over 40,000 participants every year since 1986. Every participant gets a free shirt, and you know how us Zags love our free shirts!

10. Graduation

If you’re a senior, the day is finally coming up. If not, you can still come and say good-bye to your fellow Zags flying the coop! Graduation is the culmination of a long and great career at Gonzaga, and there’s nothing better to celebrate!

By E.J. Spangler


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  1. Lol. #6 is such a promotion, but this is great.


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