Molly Moore: A True Zag



Molly Moore has a resume that may be verging on over-achieving, representing the Gonzaga tradition of service and leadership.

A junior business major with a minor in public relations, Moore has been involved in multiple forms of service. She participated in S.M.I.L.E. freshman and sophomore year where she tutored children in kindergarten through sixth grade, and is often a frequenter of the C.C.A.S.L. house and its programs.

Moore began helping the Spokane community before she was even a student at the university. In Reality Camp, a pre-orientation program for incoming freshman to do community service, she volunteered at the Union Gospel Mission. She is currently working on a PR campaign for them in her public relations campaign class.

Along with service Moore takes part in many of the clubs GU has to offer. She has been a member of Alpha Kappa Psi, the business fraternity, since her freshman year and this semester was elected secretary. While the club focuses on learning and practicing business skills, they also use those skills to give back to the community. One of her duties as a member is to pick up garbage across the Logan Neighborhood on weekends.

Her love for GU often drives her extraordinary involvement. She recently became an Ambassador so the she can inspire the same love in others. “I want to be a friendly face that people can connect with Gonzaga,” Moore said.

The position would also be helpful experience for her dream job, an Admissions Counselor for the GU. She said she hopes to foster the same “belonging” she felt coming to GU in others.

Moore’s current job is a Telefund caller in University Relations where she calls Alumni and parents of students for donations. Moore said that she likes that she is able to learn more about GU and what it represents through speaking with those she calls.

“My favorite part about the job is the opportunity to give back to the school through the scholarships the money raises,” Moore said.

Moore was an Irish Dancer for 12 years and continues to dance as a hobby. Her team once won 5th place in the World Championship in Philadelphia in 2010, her senior year of high school.

For those who may think she is too good to be true, don’t worry, Moore has seen the Jonas Brothers twice and admittedly said she “likes Nickleback.”

By Anna Clausen


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