End of the School Year Tips

Finals are Done, Now What?

As the end of the year is rapidly approaching, this is the time to slow down and unwind before your hectic summer full of internships, jobs, and family vacations. Here are a couple ideas to get you started:

You may have the urge to burn all of your schoolwork and watch it disintegrate. Make a night out of it. Invite your friends to a bonfire, asking them to bring their papers as well as an ingredient for s’mores. The relief of utter carelessness will leave you completely rejuvenated.

Continue riding your adrenaline high with a jump in the river. Everyday this week will be in the 80’s and we all know how rare that is while still in school. The water is freezing so have a towel ready. Keep safe by having many friends around you and limiting your adventure to the daytime.

Summer is incomplete without the perfect playlist. Make your own with your favorite jams (I suggest Closer by Tegan and Sara and Anything Can Happen by Elli Goulding) or you can use 8tracks. For those of you who don’t know the app, it has thousands of playlists for your every need, from studying to partying. Their summer playlists have many options as well. Making a playlist is a great way to prepare for road trips, beach trips, or even driving to work.

Returning your books for cash probably doesn’t sound like much fun, but think of what you could do with the cash! This may only apply to females, but ladies you deserve to get your nails done. After all of your nail biting finals they could probably use some work too. If you’re looking for a deal, Venus Nails across the street from Northtown Mall gives a 10% GU discount.

For those of you who are 21 over, you also deserve a fancy cocktail. For those of you who are not 21, you can do the same recipe sans alcohol. Here is a recipe that will be perfect for the hot summer:

Blood Orange Bonanza
3 oz. X-Rated Fusion Liqueur
1 oz. light rum
½ oz. grenadine
Garnish: blood orange slice

Blend all liquid ingredients with a handful of ice in a blender for 20 seconds or until completely smooth. Garnish with slice of blood orange.

Obtained from Cosmopolitan.com

Tie Dye is the ultimate summer activity. Tie Dye your bro tanks, deep V’s, and undergarments out in the sunshine.

While you’re waiting for your Tie Dye to dry, dust off your Frisbees and play around on Foley lawn, just so those in the library with more finals left can be envious.

Finally, buy a watermelon. It is the fruit of the summer.

By Anna Clausen


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