Watch Out! : Macklemore and Ryan Lewis To Play Spokane Arena

By: Catherine Porter

From playing at small venues and local festivals, to selling out shows in Paris and Amsterdam, less than a year later, the dynamic duo Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have shot their way to the top of the charts, with their catchy songs such as “Thrift Shop,” and “Can’t Hold Us.” And while you have no doubt heard Macklemore’s fun, fresh ballads all over the radio, devoted fans praise Macklemore for his more serious songs such as “Same Love,” which preaches the acceptance of same sex relationships and “Starting Over,” his confession of his relapse from sobriety.

The pair, who both hail from Washington, have been making music together since 2008, but their ticket to the top was really their album, “The Heist,” released in October of 2012. Since its release, “The Heist” has sent them on tour all over the world, from Chicago to Milan and now, on Oct. 23rd, they’re coming back to Spokane.

The anticipation for the return of the two is building up excitement around the city and especially GU, who’s students made up a large portion of the crowd at last year’s concert. Tickets are on sale now for Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, playing at the Spokane Arena on Oct. 23.


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