The Best Albums Led By The Most Intimidating Ladies

By: Molly Smith

Born to Die – Lana Del Rey

Imagine a 1920s diva enchanting a crowd while laying on a piano, then add some heavy beats, and after that, throw in some dark lyrics that waver between not giving a crap and wanting the whole world, and you’ve got Born to Die. Lana is an iconic figure because of her bold, brash and charismatic charm.



Untamed Beast – Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside

Sallie Ford is the kind of woman who would beat you in a fist fight and steal your boyfriend. Untamed Beast oozes with her confidence as her vocals, and lyrics for that matter, never hold back. The album starts of powerfully, stays true to its lo-fi roots, and ends wistfully and near desperation.



If You Leave – Daughter

Raw beauty is the theme running throughout this album. Lead singer Elena Tondra will gently tear your heart to pieces with her ruthlessly honest lyrics. Her voice is so effortlessly smooth and conveys emotions that are beyond words.



Strange Mercy – St. Vincent

St. Vincent is a powerhouse, despite her small stature and sweet demeanor. Mild electronic influence and a wide variety of quirky instrumentals set the album apart from other pleasant female artists.




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