Frozen Dinner Promises Laughs


By: Joe Gooding

Looking for something completely original, fun and will keep you on your toes all weekend? Check out Jeff Rutherford’s original play, “Frozen Dinner” in Magnuson Theatre on November 15-17 at 7:30 P.M.

Rutherford is responsible for the massive success of the “Boone Street Hooligans,” a sketch-comedy troupe that originated just last year. It was in fall 2012 that Rutherford began writing “Frozen Dinner.”

Differing from the hilarious content of a “Boone Street Hooligan” show, the inspiration for this play came from his childhood.

“I was thinking about all the little fears I had as a kid,” Rutherford said. “I started thinking about those things and wondering ‘why were those my fears?’”

While Rutherford loves to write, direct and act, you won’t see him on stage unless you examine the main character.

“I think there is a part of myself in the play, but I think it’s also a very relatable character that analyzes his fears without doing a really great job at it,” Rutherford said laughing.

A suggested $2 donation can be made at the door of Magnuson Theatre, supporting “Cup of Cool Water.” The play runs this weekend only.

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