Stay In Tune With Spotify

By: Molly Smith


Spotify is a platform where any user can access a library of 15 million songs from thousands of artists, genres, and eras. Not only can any listener tap into Spotify’s enormous collection, but every song that they have downloaded or bought in the past is conveniently condensed into one place. Playlists can be created, shared, and followed, and people can exchange music with one another by viewing their sidebar of friends’ activities, and simply by sending tracks, playlists, and artists to one another.


The invention of Spotify created a movement that forever changes the way we listen to music. Before Spotify, songs and albums were sold as products, and for those of us who wanted the accessibility but not the financial investment compromised sound quality and legality by downloading stuff off of the internet. Now, there is a happy medium where listeners can have access to the music they love and professionals can receive fair compensation.


Users can choose to either sign up for regular Spotify, which is free but includes ads every few songs, or they can subscribe to Spotify Premium, which is only ten bucks a month. With this, users can download the Spotify app to their phones and take music with them everywhere, and their computer use is ad-free.


Features of Spotify are what make it so freakin’ fun. Spotify Radio is similar to Pandora in the way that it will play songs related to a specific artist or song, but instead of pulling from a collection of 25,000 songs like Pandora (which leads to song repeats), Spotify helps listeners discover new loves through its denser library. There’s also a tab called “Discover” which works like iTunes Genius, however, it knows you and your music on a way more weirdly accurate level.


I have a history of bad spending habits, but Premium is probably the most responsible and cost-effective purchase I’ve made. When I was an iTunes girl, I was throwing out ten dollars (or more) every time I bought music, because I prefer to buy albums instead of songs. With Premium, I listen to at least three different albums every day. If I kept this trend up in the iTunes world, I’d be spending $900 a day. Yikes. Instead, I pay a flat rate for unlimited access, like most of you do for your Netflix and Hulu accounts. Plus, the first month is FREE!


This semester, I’ve been lucky enough to represent Spotify on campus as a SpotifyU Influencer. Basically, that means that I volunteer to run my mouth off about this company that I’m already in love with. Learning more about them as a company gives me even more confidence in their overall mission to simply adapt to this generation’s way of listening to music: with easy access and room to discover.


To sign up for Spotify yourself, follow this link! (This is for the FREE version on your computer):

To sign up for Spotify Premium, follow this link!  ($10 a month for ad-free and mobile listening THE FIRST MONTH IS FREE):







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