Ski Stories By Connor Taggard

My favorite place I’ve skied since coming to GU is Whistler which I went to freshman year during winter break. It’s huge, had great snow, and a fun park.

When it comes to my favorite type of skiing, I ski all over the mountain. There will be days that I only ski the steep stuff and others when I ride park most of the day. It really depends on the snow and weather conditions. I haven’t gotten into back country yet but really want to.











Up at school I mainly ski with my good buddy Eric Cotterell because we are pretty close in ability. I started skiing when I was four or five then started doing a little bit of snowboarding as well when I was in middle school and high school. I haven’t boarded in a while though but am looking at getting back into it. My favorite ski trip of all time was my senior year in high school when my dad and I went to Jackson Hole for five days. We stayed in a hostel right at the bottom of the mountain and one night they got two feet of fresh powder, it was the best riding of my life hands down.


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