The “G-I-F” Reasons To Study Abroad By Katie Mincin

In my perspective there are really only three things that need to convince you to study abroad with Gonzaga in Florence. I call them the “GIF” reasons.

Starting with “G”. Gelato.

Need I say more? Well whether your spot of choice is the famous downtown, Perche No, or the ever popular San Marco gelateria, you will never fail to be disappointed with delicious options like pistachio, Nutella, and exotic berry gelatos.


All I can say is you need to stop here. It will change your life.

“I” stands for international travel.

You are mere hours away from the next country you have always dreamed about going to! So grab your friends, on Wednesday night and plan that trip you have always wanted to go on!  Slip away for the long weekend. And yes, you have long weekends every weekend. No school Friday for anyone!


Above is a picture of myself and Jessie Schray, touring around in Prague in November.

And lastly, “F” stands for friendships.

You ultimately feel like you are a freshman all over again meeting new people. You have the opportunity to get closer to your best friends, while meeting new GU people as well as students from universities like LMU, Trinity, and St. Joes.


Pictured here are the lovely GIF students of 85 Cavour (plus a Madu photobomb)

So what are you waiting for? Apply to study abroad with GIF for a semester or a summer, and I guarantee you that it will be the best time of your life. Make sure to keep checking the blog for more posts, pictures, and stories, of studying abroad experiences!


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