Final Secret Valentine Reveal By Katie Mincin


Thank you to everyone who sent in Secret Valentines! So here it is, GU. These are the final Valentines. We hope you have enjoyed them these past two weeks. We know that we have.

Now, Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and if you are still frantically looking for things to do for your special someone, or find things to do as a single at GU, you do not want to miss the article this afternoon, “Puppy Love: What The Bulldogs Are Doing For Valentine’s Day”.

Don’t forget to check out Week One and Week Two here to get all caught up on your Valentine’s Day love!

Riley McGuinness you can save my life any day 😉 Preferably Valentine’s Day though

Samantha Mastaler you are unbelievable gorgeous and all I want for Feb 14th, is you!

Justin Pfeffer Roses are red. Violets are blue. I didn’t start living. Until I met you

Those second floor Coughlin babes though. Which ones are single?

Erin Bergmann be my valentine?

Julia Rogers stay beautiful!

Brenna Doll you are like a box of chocolates

Tucker Dean what is cooking good looking?

Connor from science…You know who you are

Blakely you can write me up any time you want baby

Poopy you had my heart the first time you called me polar bear. I wish I would be the only polar bear you would see 😉

Devin Devine you are mighty divine and I wish you were mine

Callie you are a total babe. I love how your smile is infectious and I hope that on Friendship Friday we can be more than friends

Jessica from Boone St. Would you humor me with a date in the near and not so distant future?

Forrest Perry will you marry me?

Sarah T. I love your charisma! Hoping one day you notice me and realize I am your biggest fan

Jen Porras you’re the one that I want! You’re the one that I need

Kara Be my valentine?

Devin Drake you are so mysterious in a bad boy kind of way. Are you single and will you be mine?

Kellan Boyle Roses are red. Violets are blue. Don’t cast me away. Because I love you

Kellan Boyle I am hoping that I see you this weekend. I will be the girl in green

Andrew Sale all I can say is I go to the gym just to see you. Will you be there on Valentine’s Day? If so…It’s a date, I will be there

Ben Hof. Roses are red and violets are blue. I will be waiting for you. On Friday

Scott Aldy! Damn you are hottie. Will you be mine on Friday? Shoot that didn’t rhyme

Kevin Stratton you are a babe and a half. Sing to me sometime?

Kayla Cartelli you really float my boat! Get it? Because you row

Kelly, Roses are red. Violets are blue. The sun shows their beauty. But true beauty is in you

Luke Janicki Roses are white. Buttercups are yellow. But I am alone and I wish you were my fellow

Jake from Coughlin. Keep doing what you are doing. Because it is working.


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