Puppy Love: What The Bulldogs Are Doing For Valentine’s Day By Katie Mincin and Sarah Oliva


Whether you are single and ready to mingle, or in a relationship, we wanted to hear about what your plans were for Valentine’s Day.

“My mom sent me $70 worth of Sees candy that I’ll be eating”
-Laura Goslee

“I’m buying into societal norms and going out to dinner with my Valentine where I will recite love poetry and stare deeply into her eyes and whatnot. Naturally”
-Derek Ball

“Me and my love bug are making dinner for all of the single people in my house,”
-Jake Parker

“Eating Aloha! With my wife and my groomsman from Hawaii”
Nate Ikehara

“Making love with sweet beats”
-Kellan Faker-Boyle

“Going to froyo with my pillow. His name is Mitch and he’s a shark…he’s one of those pillow pets. We’re going on a romantic date and dressing each other up!”
-Colleen Bumb

“Going to Trader Joes to buy food, then having a picnic at the front desk with my duty partner….RA life!!!!”
-Blakely Ehlers

“We’re having the lamest valentines day driving home to Seattle together…4 to 5 hours quality time in a car driving with my boyfriend”
-Lane McVicker

“My dad is coming! #foreveralone”
-Genevieve Gregory

“I’m watching my rowers work out…I get to hang out with a bunch of sweaty girls!”
-Naseeb Bhangal

“I’m taking someone dancing downtown”
-Michael Hobson

“I’m flying home to escape Valentines Day”
-John Phares

“I’m actually babysitting. And then I’m dog sitting. I get paid to avoid the awkwardness of Valentine’s Day”
-Aspen Edwards

“I’m going on a date with my best friends!”
-Angela Balistreri

“I’m on duty…so I will be watching House of Cards”
-Tucker Dean

“I plan on spending it with my boyfriend! I’m going to decorate his whole apartment to surprise him. I ordered a box from Celebrations that has four cake pops, two cupcakes, and two gourmet cookies and I’ll also have a dozen roses waiting for him. We’re almost at two years. I like all of that romantic stuff.”
-Patron Cooney

“I have a date with Kevin Spacey and House of Cards”
-Connor House

“Skype my girlfriend, eat a bunch of chocolates by myself and fall asleep in a puddle of my tears (whilst wearing my heart-shaped sparkly tank top)
-Ben Yee

“Going on a sushi date.”
-Rob Van Buren

“Eating a dinner and watching a movie. Yes, there is a special someone involved.”
-Isaac Saldivar

“Going snowboarding at Schweitzer”
-Nate Chase

“I am going snowboarding. It is the love of my life.”
-Anthony Harper

“I am going snowboarding. The snow is my Valentine.”
-Jackson Berg

“I am going to cry myself to sleep”
-Alexis Guzman

“Whatever I want to do”
-Andrew Hardenburgh

“I’ll be single and ready to mingle”
-Aleena Ajmal

“I will be listening to the ‘I hate Valentine’s Day’ album with my boyfriend’s Ben and Jerry”
-Jill Kaltenecker

“I am going to be a plus one at my parents Valentine’s Day dinner. Third wheeling'”
-Kayla Kassa

“Going out to dinner”
-Mackenzie Allan

“I am going out to dinner”
-Jose Phillips

“It’s leg day”
-Nick Quiroga

“Taking the girlfriend out to dinner”
-Freddy Paulenich

“I am going to WSU”
-Michael Konopaski


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