10 Reasons to Buy FASU’s Typhoon Haiyan Relief T-shirts

1.)  The t-shirts, donated by Volitious Apparel in Vancouver, Washington, are currently on pre-sale to raise money for the Philippines in the after-math of the devastating national disaster.

60 Second Shirt Shop2.)  Typhoon Haiyan (known as Yolanda in the Philippines) is cited by BBC News as the deadliest natural disaster in Philippine history, while also cited by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) as one of the most powerful typhoons in recorded history.

monster-typhoon-philippines-haiyan_73273_990x742                  Source: news.nationalgeographic.com

3.)  The money will be donated to the Philippines Red Cross under the care of the American Red Cross Inland Northwest Chapter to assist with their Typhoon relief efforts.

p-PHL1289                   Source: ifrc.org

4.)  According to the IFRC, “In the last 100 days the Philippine Red Cross reached over 1 million people with emergency relief – cooked meals, dry food rations, non-food household items – and covered nearly a quarter of total shelter needs in the affected area.” Every donation can make a difference!

Philippines Typhoon             Source: boston.com

5.)  Almost four months have passed since Typhoon Haiyan devastated millions of Philippine citizens. Affected areas continue to require relief and long-term recovery programs.

bp1             Source: boston.com

6.)  It takes exactly six clicks from this webpage to get a shirt delivered to your mailbox. (See link below)

7.)  The shirts range from $10.50-$12.00 in price. This equates to roughly two or less lunches bought on campus. If you consciously chose an alternative to spending money on two lunches, you would have the disposable income needed to pay for this shirt!

10707981_h25389172_slide-91cc0e58d2d19466d81e8c395eeb867c5523429a-s6-c30                Source: npr.org

8.)  You would gain the satisfaction of helping an impacted Philippine community through the Philippines Red Cross efforts while at the same time receiving a cool shirt!

_71283223_020089631-1                                 Source: bbc.com

9.)  The shirt is white, so you don’t have to worry about your overly active sweat glands.

10.)  There is no such thing as too many t-shirts.

T-Shirts                                Source: themummyblogger.co.uk

Purchase your shirt online now at:



Contact Arlene Angeline Chandra at achandra2@zagmail.gonzaga.edu or 360.931.0869 (call or text).


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