Zag Musicians Behind the Jams: Boat Race Weekend

Growing up in the same hometown, an annual hydroplane racing event, and one Crosby Coffee House brought the three men (and best friends) that comprise Boat Race Weekend together as a pop punk band on campus. They have played at various venues downtown, but you can also find them at campus shindigs (such as Coffee House) or playing in the basement of a house in the Logan. I got to talk to all three members this week to uncover what their band is all about.


Sarah Oliva: Band members?

Collin Price, Jay Orth and Evan Kruschke

SO: Where did the name of your band come from?

Evan: Every summer in Tri-Cities, there’s this big hydroplane racing event. Basically the whole city shuts down for a weekend and it’s like a big party. It’s officially called “Columbia Cup Race for Unlimited Hydroplanes”, but it’s known as Boat Race Weekend, which is where our band name comes from.

Jay: It can’t really be described…for instance, tons of beer in the river…

Evan: We all grew up in the Tri-Cities going to this event. So it’s a pretty good time.

SO: What are each of your rolls?

Collin: I play bass.

Evan: I play guitar and sing.

Jay: I play drums.

Evan: Collin’s also are comic relief…he tells jokes when need be. And Jay is the looks. Although Collin’s only got one joke in his arsenal and he’s looking to expand. Each time he tells it, people laugh less and less.
SO: How would you describe your genre?

Collin: Pop punk.

SO: Tell me a little about the history of your band.

Evan: Jay and I have been playing together since seventh grade. We’ve probably actually been playing together for eight to nine years. We all somehow ended up at Gonzaga… Jay played in a band, “Scenic Roots” (a student band that used to be on campus) for a while, and I was up in Florence where I started playing some shows. When I got back, I was asked to do a Coffee House so I just asked Jay and Collin to play with me and it all started from there. That was last January 2013.

Jay: I had been playing guitar, but when we decided we should start a band, I learned drums.

Collin: At the time, I didn’t play bass at all–I just learned it since we needed a bass player. It helped that we all played in high school together!

Evan: So it’s been a little over a year since we’ve been together.

SO: How would you describe the dynamic of your band?

Collin: Weird.

Evan: We’re all best friends. Jay and I have been good friends since kindergarten. And we’ve all been good friends since high school. So we’re all just really comfortable with each other and it just translates into the music. We trust each other a lot!

Jay: We’re not serious more than we are serious.

Evan: We try not to take ourselves too seriously. 

SO: Do you play mostly live sets or do you record as well?

Evan: We’ve mostly been playing live sets; that’s how we started, we played at Coffee House and some house parties. Once we got some of our songs established we started recording more. We recorded our first song, “Chin Up” last summer. And then we just hit it hard in winter break with the rest of them. You can find our songs at: or


SO: How often and where do you perform?!

Jay: A few months ago, before winter break, we played at Carr’s Corner (a bar and live music venue downtown Spokane) with Bibo and the Zig-zags (another student band on campus). Together, we were able to fill it to capacity to the point where people couldn’t come in any more—it was probably the coolest show we’ve done!

Collin: It was pretty rowdy.

SO: What is your ideal setting for a performance?

Collin: A packed bar.

Evan: Also Madison Square Garden. We sold it out, but it wasn’t as cool. They wanted us back but we’re like, “nah, we’re just gonna play Carr’s again”.

SO: Do you find any inspiration from Spokane or your hometown?

Evan: There’s not a lot to inspire in Tri-Cities… besides the boat races. I don’t pull too much from [Spokane] either, just personal experiences I guess. I pull from a lot of different genres [when I write]. I mean the pop punk like Blink 182, The Wonder Years, and The Story So Far. Also [rock] bands like Say Anything, or Brand New. And then we have some hip hop influences; we play covers to a lot of hip hop.

SO: What is one of your favorite songs you have written/composed/covered?

Evan: A song that’s gonna be out on our EP—it’s called “A Day at a Time”.

Jay: It’s an original.

Collin: We’re giving out hard copies for free! We’ll probably just camp out in Crosby most of this week (March 3-7).

Evan: Our favorite cover would probably be “Pursuit of Happiness” by Kid Cudi.


Artwork for the Chin Up EP

SO: If you could choose any band in the world to meet, dead or alive, who would it be?

Evan: Blink 182.

Collin: Led Zeppelin or The Who…one of the classics.

Jay: Blink 182.

Make sure to catch Boat Race Weekend’s first EP they are releasing this week in Crosby, at a student-discounted price…for free! You can also find their music on and find out when they’re playing at

If you or anyone you know is interested in sharing musical talent around campus–solo artists or bands, we invite you to reach out to the GUBB staff and we will graciously welcome you to come chat. No matter if you’re a Finn-from-Glee-singing- in-the-shower raw talent or Beyonce-the-next, we want to hear from you!

You can reach Sarah Oliva at:


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