10 Things You Can Expect To See On Your Social Media This Spring Break

1. In-N-Out Instagram Picture

#california #animalstyle #goodtobehome

Let me guess. You went right from the airport to get your In-N-Out? Did you
order it animal or protein style? Well I can guarantee you that the hash tags
on the Instagram photo your friend has posted will detail their delicious order,
as well as reminding you how excited they are to be back in sunny

2. The Classic Plane Wings Pic


#outofhere #nofilter #peaceoutspo

Self-explanatory. Because we can definitely tell what you are flying over right now!
Is that the space needle I see? Maybe it is Alcatraz?
Aside from this being in the top 10 most cliché Instagram photos
of 2013, I especially enjoy the no filter hash tag.

3. Vegas


#VEGAS #vegasbaby #yolo

All you 21 year olds and lucky underclassmen who are attending
Vegas will be sure to bombard Facebook with statuses
about how fantastic it is there. We only ask you to cheer extra loud for us at the Zag games.

4. The BF or GF from back home pic

#missedyou #worththedistance #reunited

Spring break means time to reunite with the  boyfriend or girlfriend from back home.
The thing is, we already know that because you have been posting
statuses like #tenmoredays, so we know that your significant other will be
meeting you with a bouquet of roses. A “candid” picture
at the airport, outside of your house, or at a park will be captured
by a “random” bystander. You will get at least 100 likes, guaranteed, and multiple “awe, so cute” comments.

5. The “Me and my coffee” TV picture


#relaxing #goodtobehome #netflix

I think we can all agree that we are looking forward to this.
We are also trying to figure out what show you are watching,
and silently judging you if it’s anything on TLC.

6. The Pet Picture


#loveher #dogwalk #cutie

We are all very excited to go home and see our furry friends.
Let the unofficial, “my pet is cuter than your pet” Instagram competition begin.

7. The “Two In One” (pet picture and you watching TV)


Well this is pretty cute. Props to capturing this totally candid moment.
How many attempts did it take you?
We will just pretend that we do not see that cat food placed on top of the TV.

8.  “Look How Beautiful My Weather Is”

#sunsout #85degrees #palmtrees

Thank you to everyone going to warm places for making everyone jealous
of your 70 degree and up weather. Thank you for posting a
new picture of you and your friends at the beach every day.
You probably will also post a picture or status of how sad you are to return to chilly Spokane on your way to the airport.

9. #Istillhavehomework


#nobreakforme #studystudy #needcoffee

These pictures and hash tags will be sure to fill your social media pages up.
The #studying and #nospringbreakforme are a must
post if you are burdened with work over spring break.
Don’t get me wrong, those of us with no homework do feel bad for you.

10. Just An Artist On The Beach

#dayatthebeach #truewords #dream

Whether it is an inspirational quote or two best friend’s names
with hearts around them in the sand, these pictures will be sure to
populate your newsfeed at alarming speeds.


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