How to Fill Out Your Bracket if You Don’t Know How To Fill Out a Bracket

For those of you out there who love the game but don’t necessarily keep up with the teams (or are impartial as to which team to pick), here are some ideas that will help you complete your bracket this year, made for those of you who are ok with the chance of coming last in your pool (but having great fun while doing it).

1.) Flip a coin

You can never go wrong with the old fashioned coin toss. This is your default option with 50-50 probability when you really don’t have any idea of which team will come out with the W and don’t mind completely disregarding the projections. 100% of the time it will work 50% of the time!

2.) Choose the team with the scariest coach

Mark Few


Simply google pictures of each team’s coaches, and whichever coach has the best mid-game crying/yelling/$*#$@* expression wins. The pictures you find will most likely put your scarriest Snapchat selfies to shame.

3.) Pick the team with the closest jersey colors to your high school’s colors

This is probably not the option for you if your high school’s only team banners in the school gym are from the 1980’s. However, this is a great choice that is simple enough if you’re rushed for time. You could also switch it if you hated your high school’s colors–choose the team whose colors are least like your old high school’s!

4.) Choose based on which mascot could slay the other



This one can be tricky if one or both of the team’s mascots has abilities of questionable merit. For example,  if the St. Louis Billikens play Xavier Musketeers (who have two official mascots), will the Billiken (a creepy doll that no one is sure what really is), the Blue Blob (a furry creature that somewhat resembles the cookie monster), or the Musketeer be the slayer? This one requires a little imagination…

5.) The underdog method

Rebel against the seeding placements by choosing the team with the lower seed, and make a statement against everything mainstream in doing so.


                   Christopher McCandless                                       Source:

6.) Copy a more knowledgeable friends bracket

If you’re sneaky enough to pull this one off, go for it. This one should be a last resort, but you could bet on how long it takes for them to figure out how you “happened” to pick the same teams to advance to each round. The pro is there is almost no effort required, and you still get to say you made a bracket–the con is it’s not actually your bracket.

Self-Five-How-I-Met-Your-Mother                                                                                                  Source:

7.) Pick the exact opposite of that knowledgeable friend

Just for kicks and giggles, this a strategic way of being able to rub it in when your team advances and there’s doesn’t (even if it only happens one out of ten times).

Gonzaga vs Wichita State


8.) Pick whichever team sounds best as a last name

“Mary Memphis” or “Mary George-Washington”? Don’t get me wrong, the first president’s name would be an honor to wear, but it’s a bit of a mouthful.

So what are you waiting for?! Don’t let your lack of knowledge about the NCAA teams, your impartialness, or your last-minute procrastination keep you from filling out a bracket. And don’t forget to enter the GUBB’s first ever bracket competition here for a chance to win some awesome prizes!


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