5 Things GU Students Must Come To Accept

1.Everyone will mispronounce Gonzaga


We are not the “zahgz” with an “ah” sound. We also don’t like our name closely associated with eggs, as we are not “Gonzegga”. Nothing can be more frustrating for a proud ZAG fan, than listening to an entire GU game where the sportscasters are pronouncing our name wrong for a few hours.

2.”I walked to fourth floor of College Hall and I can still breathe and walk normally!!” said no one ever

college hall

Kellan Faker-Boyle attempts the final stairs of the 4th floor

You will have a class on the fourth floor of college hall. Some of you will be lucky enough to have more than one of those lovely classes in the same day. You need to learn to develop some serious strategy for your treacherous journey to the dreaded fourth. If you have time, I recommend the zig zag approach where you can weave your way through each hallway and end staircases. This gives you ample amount of time to catch your breath.

Disclaimer. Do not be that person who tells everyone that they never lose their breath going up the stairs (even if you don’t). Dirty looks guaranteed.

3.Registration will most likely never go smoothly


Here are a few statuses that I pulled from my Facebook newsfeed during registration:
“Registration 1. Me 0.”
“Yes!! I got one of the 6 classes I need to graduate!”
“This is the third registration where I not only got logged out mid registration, but I also signed up for the wrong classes. Well ****”
“Registration you piece of ****”

Then there are those certain individuals out there…
“Got all of the classes I wanted for next semester! #blessed”
“I am the master of registration!”
“As a freshman at GU, I do not understand what all of the negative hype about registration is…I got all of the classes I needed easily”

4.What Secrets?

As you have probably come to realize…we are a small school. Who you have dated, befriended, defriended…well everyone already knows about it. Keeping it on the “DL” is pretty hard to do. There is even a page floating around called Gonzaga Secrets…as if there was not enough of our personal life talked about on the steps of Crosby.

5.The COG is no more

How many times this year have you accidently said, “hey guys lets meet at the COG at 6”? For all of the upperclassmen out there who had the chance to be a part of the COG generation, you understand how hard it is to see the giant hole in the ground and realize our beloved COG is never coming back.


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