GU Style Spotlight: Mike Peterson

Today I sat down with Mike Peterson to learn about his style and his surprisingly lucky socks!


Katie Mincin– Can you tell me a little about you’re your personal style?
Mike Peterson- I like to wear things that are comfortable. I usually wear darker colors.


KM– What article of clothing could you not live without?
MP- My lucky socks. They have come in clutch in many occasions.


KM- Walk me through the outfit you are wearing now.
MP- Shirt- Blue plaid from American Eagle
Pants- Gucci Pants from Florence
Shoes- Grey and Black Vans
Watch- Michael Kors

KM- Describe your usual everyday look?
MP- Casual unless I need to dress up for a meeting or dressing nice for a big test. I really like to just dress comfortable. I wear my lucky “Buck” socks for tests.


KM– Where is your favorite place to shop?
MP- I usually online shop or shop at the rack.

KM– What is your favorite spring style you are seeing on campus this semester?
MP- I like the flannels and bro tank look.


KM– What is your go to color?
MP- Blue or black.


KM– What or who is your fashion inspiration?
MP- Riff Raff…the rapper he just dresses crazy, he is casual but doesn’t take his look too seriously at all.

KM– What are you most excited to be wearing in the warm weather?
MP- Mainly T-shirts and tank tops.

KM- How often do you go shopping?
MP- Not too often, usually once or twice every couple of months.

Thanks for sitting down and talking with GU Style Spotlight, Mike! If you are a fashionista on campus, or know of anyone who would be interested in talking fashion with us, feel free to reach out to the GUBB staff and we would love to meet with you.




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