Why Gonzaga Is Better Than Your School

 GU Community


Gonzaga boasts a community that you just can’t fake. Try walking down Bulldog Alley and not seeing someone you know. I dare you. I can guarantee that it won’t happen. With over 100 clubs at Gonzaga, you will find somewhere where you will without a doubt find your niche and develop long-term friendships.

We Are Environmentally Conscientious

In May, 2008, GSBA proposed a water bottle ban. The policy was implemented in September, 2018. All first year students were given re-usable water bottles during student orientation. This has continued on since then. In 2011, glass water bottles were implemented.



Photo: The Bleacher Report. Harry How/Getty Images


Yes, we have basketball, and it is a huge part of everyone’s lives. Whether you are participating in tent city, or are at Jack and Dan’s, you are getting pumped for the big game. But Gonzaga is more than just basketball. Over 58% of students participate in intramural sports ranging from volleyball to flag football. There are few things as “brag worthy” at Gonzaga, than your IM Champion T-shirt. Club sports such as men’s and women’s basketball, lacrosse, tennis, and more, are nationally ranked. Gonzaga is the perfect place for a high school athlete to come to. Whether you want to continue competing at a competitive level, or have fun with friends, Gonzaga will provide you with many options for doing so.

Gonzaga In Florence (GIF)

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Photo by National Geographic Photograph by Courtney Townsend


If you have the chance to study abroad, you need to take advantage of it. Studying abroad in Florence is like freshman year all over again (in a good way). You get the chance to meet new people, explore a brand new city, and travel the world. Check out a few GIF blog posts from earlier this semester:


Networking and After College Opportunities
Gonzaga’s, GAMP (Gonzaga Alumni Mentor Program) and the career center are great resources to make sure you are successful after graduation. If you need help with your cover letter or want to learn about job opportunities, one of the nice people in the career center will be able to assist you and point you in the right direction. http://www.gonzaga.edu/Student-Life/Career-Center-and-GAMP/



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