5 BEST and WORST things about going home for the Summer

  We are all excited for summer to arrive. Some of us will study abroad, some of us will land an internship, and some of us will go back home where the food is free and the chores add up.

Here’s a list of the pros and cons of heading back home for the summer.


       1. The kitchen is full of bountiful FREE FOOD

              tumblr_ls0rtewUBO1qdsvqt (1)

  1. Cuddling with pets                                                                                                       giphy

  2. Mom cooking your favorite meals because she missed you so much              yum

  3. Not having a never-ending schedule loom over your head

  4. Revisiting your old stomping grounds like that coffee shop down the street or the diner you and all your friends would go to after football games                                                                                                     images-7


  1. Picking up your old chores again and hearing “You have to help around the house when you’re home.”


  1. Waiting for the rest of your friends to get out of school in June

  1. Feeling super old because stores and shops have changed since you’ve been home


  1. Job hunting… aka throwing your summer away


  1. Comparing your summer to your friend’s summer through Instagram

             summer drink


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