The Worst Possible Things You Can Say to Someone From Gonzaga

Here at Gonzaga, we ooze school pride. They talk about it on ESPN, you can see it all over walking down the halls, and I make sure my mom includes it in every family Christmas letter we send out. As prideful as we are, there’s a few things that will, no matter what, just rub Zags the wrong way.


“You go to school in Washington? Do you get to see the White House a lot?”



Seriously?  I thought by now it was universally recognized that “Washington” meant the state, and “DC” meant where the President lives.  And if I did live in DC, which I do NOT, of course I would see the White House a lot.  I love America and I love houses.


“Oh, Washington State! So that’s gotta be near Seattle, right?”

No Gif


Some people, man. It still amazes me that after the success of our basketball teams in the national spotlight that people still associate us as a Seattle school. Even potential out of town employers will ask me how I like going to school in Seattle. Besides, Seattle doesn’t even have Zip’s, which is half of what going to Gonzaga is all about.


“That sorta sucks you have to live in Spokane”

Pop is not mad

I’ll admit it. Being from the west side of the state, I too was a bit weary about moving to the other side. I figured Spokane was just redneck Seattle and had heard the horror stories of the “Spokies”. But Spokane grew on me real fast. Have I mentioned Zips? Honestly, I love living here now, and those sunsets can’t be beat.


“Haha oh, a Jesuit school, eh? Aren’t you required to go to church like 4 times a month?”


Wrong again. I mean GU does a great job giving you worship options, but there’s no pressure if that’s not what you’re comfortable with. I went to a public high school and maybe my friends are idiots and people don’t actually assume this about GU, but I figured I should clear it up anyway.


“Okay seriously, your guys’ basketball team really isn’t that great. Way overrated.”

Mad girl

I’ve yelled at friends from back home for saying Kelly Olynyk’s hair is stupid and that Mark Few doesn’t know what he’s doing. And the numbers don’t lie. Seventeen NCAA tournament appearances, consecutively since 1999, and a winning record at 19-17? That’s pretty spankin’ good. That’s over half of most of our lives. People were freaking out about Blink-182, Green Day and Snoop Dogg when this tournament streak started, and now it’s all about Kanye West, Iggy Azalea, and, well, Snoop Dogg, and the streak continues.  Additionally, how great is Snoop Dogg?


“No football team…that’s gotta suck”

Well, it feels nice to have a football team that’s been undefeated since 1942. Next question.



“But, like, how’s it feel to not have a Greek system?”



Fine. Everyone’s so nice and the school’s so small, it’s not that big of a deal. And now we can take normal pictures without doing gang hand signs. Plus I feel better not having to call another dude my “big” or “little”.

“Your guys’ blog is pretty bad”


Hurtful. And untrue.

So there you have it. Responses to comments and questions that we’ve all heard and are all probably sick of.  Feel free to comment what grinds your gears. #ZagUp.


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