The Embassy Exposed

Did you know that  there is embassy in our own backyard? Do you know who the Ambassadors are? What do you mean there is an embassy in the Logan neighborhood??

Today, I am letting you in on the inside scoop, and exposing four of the chillest girls on campus, “Ambassadors”  Kat Habelt, Carissa Thomas, Chelsea Bucklin, and Caileen Viehweg.


2014-2015 Ambassadors (from left to right) Carissa, Chelsea, Caileen, and Kat


But first let’s meet the ambassadors…

Kat Habelt


We refer to her as “Smiles”

Caileen Viehweg & Chelsea Bucklin


Otherwise known as the club soccer super stars

Carissa Thomas


Carissa Thomas, AKA “CGT” Rap sensation extraordinaire


Q: Kat, how long has your family owned this place?
KH: Since 2012, when my older brother Thomas became a junior at GU

Q: What is your favorite part about living at the Embassy?
CT: The people, the atmosphere it’s the best. Everyone is so cool with letting people be themselves and it creates something really special. If you ever need a kick it spot with some chill company and bad a** décor come thru.

CB: My favorite part about living here is the table, the lazy Steve. Haha just kidding. My favorite part is the vibe of the house. I love how people just pop in to say hi or hang out whenever they want. Its a pretty low stress, no pressure feel. A couple of weekends ago my friends from home came to visit and they said they didn’t know who actually lived here until the third day here because everyone was walking in and out and kicking it all day long.

KH: It feels exactly like home. After a long day of BS, the second I walk through the front door I feel immediately relieved. When my brother moved in in 2012 for his junior year, I was spending a ton of time here with my friends, including Caileen and Chelsea. I got to know the rest of the room mates and always felt right at home- I quickly gained 4 new older brothers. Especially during freshman year, it was cool to have a place to go and chill. I learned so much from all of the guys- we shared some pretty awesome memories together! There have always been 5 people who “live” here but there are always friends in the house, and it has always been that way. Our door is pretty much always open; our friends come and go pretty much whenever, even if we aren’t home. One of my favorite pieces of the house is the Lazy Steven Coffee Table in the front room that all previous and current room mates have drawn on (its an essential). The Embassy definitely has some good juju-a lot of people have told me how welcome and at home they feel, even new friends who walk through the door for the first time! The Embassy: It’s just a good place to live.

CV: Home is such an unpredictable place, in the best way possible. I never know what I’m going to walk into when I come through the front door. Really, anything goes here so you walk in on some pretty hilarious scenes, and then join in on them of course. Everyone that lives here is their own unique person and it’s always fun to see how each of our personalities and ideas combine to create good times.


Q: How would you describe the vibe of your house?
CB: The vibe of our house is pretty welcoming I think. we want everyone who walks in here to feel like they can stay forever. But it’s also a house that’s pretty much down to throw down any day of the week. We’re pretty versatile i’d say!
CV: Our house is pretty laid back and welcoming. Friends are always coming in and out, making themselves at home and being goofy with us. We love kicking back, having some good laughs, and acting on whatever spontaneous idea one of us has for the day. The house is a pretty eclectic mix of interests and personalities so anyone down to be themselves and have a good time is always welcome.
CT: Chilin, we ice cold. The world cup has become a grand event at the Embassy and it’s a perfect example of our “vibe”. The game starts, people come thru, and we all have a good time.
KH: Extremely laid back. Upon walking through the front door you’ll see John Wayne on the wall and get a little further into the house and spot a trippy Beatles Yellow Submarine 3D Poster. This definitely sums up the vibe…we are definitely a cornucopia of different personalities but mesh so well because this place is a place where everyone can be whoever they want without feeling uncomfortable or weird about it. Every part of the house has some special meaning to who we are, and the memories that fill it just make it that much better. It all comes down to the fact that it has a very chillax’ed aura-every roommate and previous room mate has left there mark in pretty awesome ways.

Q: Why did you name it the Embassy?
KH: It was actually the name given to the original house. The house started off as Thomas, Nick, and Andrew who were all from California. One night they had some friends over and one of the girls realized that 3 of the 5 were all from California and valiantly proclaimed, “You guys are like the California Embassy!” The name has stuck ever since. It was the original Embassy that extended the name to represent a certain lifestyle for themselves Haha.

Q: Tell me about other people that have lived here before?
KH: Let’s see: our fore father are comprised of Thomas Habelt, Andrew Gorini, Nick Kennedy, John Martin, Will Greenburg, Mark Viger, and Joey Vance. What a crew. They are some pretty classy dudes that taught us some pretty amazing lessons (other than how to play quarters and how to find classy tweed at Classy Rack, or UGM as we know it). They’re the kind of guys that will always have your back, and you’ll know it. From Andrew’s classy tweed suits that you could spot clear across campus to Thomas’s quick and shifty music skills and Mark, well you can’t really explain that man! The point is that all of those guys created a pretty awesome place here at the Embassy, and taught us the importance of many things. We miss em’ every day but hey, “That’s the way of the road boys.”


The original Embassy boys

Q: Who are the ambassador’s for the 2014-2015 school year?
KH: Carissa Thomas, Caileen Viehweg, Chelsea Bucklin, Amanda Minter, and Katarina Habelt

Well there you have it. Maybe this next school year you get a chance to hang with this crew, or possibly just stop on by and see what all the hype is about.



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