What to Do On a Thursday

To quote Bound 2, a contemporary work by modern day philosopher, poet, and entrepreneur Kanye Omari West (better known by his stage name “Kanye West”) “What you doing in a club on a Thursday? She say she only here for her girl birthday”. Mr. West is alluding to the uncommon practice of going to clubs on Thursdays, except, of course, if it’s “you girl birthday”. Thursdays are tricky because you’re close enough to the weekend where you feel like you should be able to do something fun, but still have to go to class the next day. Here’s some of the top options for stuff to do on Thursdays.


  1. Star Bar


It’s no secret that the Star restaurant is the place to be Thursday nights for people over 21. I don’t know why, but it is. There are usually lines out the door of people wanting to get in to sing karaoke or just hang out with their friends. It’s a nice way to blow off some steam after (almost) the end of a long week. There’s also some nice comradery in singing “My Heart Will Go On” with a bar full of GU students. It’s not technically a club, so I think Kanye would let it slide.


  1. GUTS


Gonzaga’s hilarious improv group, GUTS, meets on Thursday nights. Anyone is welcome to go down to Magnuson between 10 PM and midnight to participate or just watch and get a free inside look on the craziness. In case you didn’t know, improv comedy is all made up on the spot. There’s no scripts, no props, no anything. Just you and your beautiful face. You play different games off of suggestions and see where it goes. It’s all student run and student performed, and as long as you don’t pull a Michael Scott and say something wickedly inappropriate, you’re free to participate however you want.


  1. See a movie

At least at River Park Square, Thursdays are discounted days with a student I.D. And we all know we need it. If you’re not feeling a newer movie and want to be in an environment that makes you feel like you own a home theater, I would highly suggest the Magic Lantern Theatre. It’s super close downtown, right by Zola’s and Boots Bakery, and the prices are the best you’ll see. $8.00 for every movie, $4 for bottomless popcorn, and soda for a buck. They also have coffee drinks available that they give you in real ceramic mugs. Since it’s a smaller theater, they don’t have to charge you out the yin-yang for refreshments. However, they only play movies that have been out of the theaters for a few weeks or indie movies. So if you wanna see an independent comedy directed by a guy who wears scarfs in July or The Grand Budapest Hotel after a month, this is your place.


  1. Walk Centennial


We still have a few more weeks of summer. I’m still in painful denial that the nice weather will ever come to an end, but unfortunately, it will. That being said, there’s no better way to soak up every last sun drenched second then being in nature. Centennial is right by campus, a good walk, and can get you downtown in a way cheaper way than driving. You know what? I just thought of this. You can totally walk to a movie! Two in one.


  1. Netflix

Eating in bed

This had to be in here. The weeks are stressful. Sometimes it’s nice to get in bed, put on your big sweatpants, and binge watch Parks and Recreation until you drift to sleep halfway through a slice of pizza. No shame in it. Nothing wrong with it. Productive way to spend a Thursday.


There you have it. Let’s kick this weekend in the face!




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