How to Enjoy KFC (Even If You Don’t Like Chicken)

KFC Restaurants always make me feel awful. After eating some of that greasy chicken, usually it feels like there’s a baby alien doing barrel rolls around in my stomach and lower intestines. Luckily, there’s another KFC alternative that will make you slightly less crappy, and doesn’t even involve chicken. Komedy Fight Club, founded by students and for students, is sort of an underground comedy open mic conglomerate. Because of its low profile, KFC’s shows are usually intimate and inappropriately hilarious.




How KFC works is a little different and more interactive than normal comedy shows. Meeting almost every Friday at 10 PM in College Hall 101, KFC alternates between improv and standup comedy shows. The best part? It’s all students. If you’re looking for a place to try and perform (or just watch) some stand up comedy, KFC’s the place to go. Anybody can perform, with names being drawn from a hat for every standup show to determine an order.



Started by Matt Dargen, who got the idea after seeing a similarly structured show by the famous improv group The Groundlings out of Los Angeles, KFC’s really big on audience interaction. Every improv show has four “featured players” to play games, but audience members can put their names into a hat for a chance to go on stage and join them. Every improv game features one or two of the featured players and one or two audience members picked at random. Dargen describes it as “Open-forum, open-source, crowd-sourced comedy for the people, from the people, by the people”.



Founding member Andrew Walters states “KFC is risky. There is no formal organization and no rules. To KFC is to give up control to others and to yourself and watch what unfolds”. Since there’s no formal structure, KFC is always unrated and usually organized on the fly. Long time participant Carl Jacobson thrives on this, saying, “What the Gonzaga and Spokane art scene needs is more of a no holds barred and damn the consequence thing. Also the best comedy open mic in Spokane”.


So there you have it. If you’re looking for a comedy open mic on a Friday night that’s a little irreverent, a touch bizarre and wickedly zany, I would suggest to check out KFC.  If you can’t wait til Friday, all the standup shows are on Youtube.  Here’s a sample.


All photos courtesy of Josh Scheel Photography.


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