Zag Twinning: An Inside Look on Zag Womb-mates

“What’s it like to be a twin”? The question that gets asked to every single twin in the history of twins, and qualifies for the top-10-most-asked-questions to any twin. As a matter of fact, someone is probably asking this question somewhere in the world as you read these words. Fear no more: GUBB randomly selected Zag twins around campus to tell us a little about their lives as a twin–whether their dynamic other goes here or not. Here is an insider’s look into the lives of the many Zag twins on campus:


Morgan Miller:

“For over 18 years, my twin (Katelyn) and I did pretty much everything together – we played the same sports, shared the same interests, and had the same friends. When deciding on which colleges to attend, we both knew we wanted to go our separate ways. (She chose Oregon State University, and I chose Gonzaga.) Though it’s tough being away from my best friend for nearly eight months out of the year – she would agree with me that going to different schools was one of the best decisions we could have made. Being apart has allowed us to be our own “person” with separate identities – not viewed by others as one of the twins – and has strengthened our relationship. People always ask me what it’s like being a twin, and I honestly can’t describe it because for literally my entire life it’s all I’ve known. I know that I am lucky, though – lucky to have such an amazing person forever (and literally) a part of me.”

TWIN - Morgan

Monica Lyons:

“My twin brother, David, goes to Santa Clara University and is studying abroad in Spain this semester. I was trying to think of a twinning moment that I’ve had with my twin brother, but looking back on 20 years of being 60 seconds younger than my brother, made me realize that being a twin can’t possibly be defined in one moment.

David is my best friend, my competitor, my adventure partner, and my twin. Since we only see each other on holidays and in the summertime when we’re not studying abroad or working, time together is precious. Whenever both of us are home from school, we are inseparable. Over the summer, I cooked David breakfast every morning. Cooking meals for people is how I show them I love them. We would then finish our breakfast out on our deck to read a little and let the sun wake us up. Those summer mornings with David are really special to me because I was able to show him I cared about him everyday.

Fun Fact: My boyfriend is also a twin!”

TWIN - monica

Haley Chase:

“A twin makes you competitive, and you have a partner and friend in every next step in life! One funny thing about being a fraternal twin with a twin brother, a lot of people thought we were dating because we always hang out!”

 TWIN - Haley C

Eddie Janicki:

“Having a twin at Gonzaga is a really cool thing because there are so many other sets of twins here too. I think the neatest thing is that we both have our different spheres of friends and hobbies etc., but they are all kind of connected through us. As far as our lives at Gonzaga, my brother Luke and I live quite different lifestyles with him being an RA in a clean dorm room and myself living off campus in a dirty house. Also he is a Spanish and English double major, whereas I am a Civil Engineering major. So we really don’t see each other as much as one would think, although I do run into people literally daily with surprised looks on their faces, and who say things along the lines of “You must be Luke’s brother!” and he gets the same interactions, it’s hilarious haha. And the rare times each week when we do hangout are really fun; reminiscing and hearing stories from the other side. One recent ‘twin’ moment Luke and I had that I found humorous was as follows: I got a call and was going to meet Luke on campus to pick up something from him and grab lunch. So I walked over and arrived to find him wearing the exact same shirt, shorts, and flip flops as me… I bowed my head as we neared each other and busted out in laughter.”

 TWIN - Eddie J

Sarah Ghods:

“I have a twin brother who goes to the University of Washington. We are literally best friends and its always been hard for us being at separate schools. One night in particular stands out to me. Towards the end of last year I had a lot on my plate and was close to breaking down. It was around 2am on a Wednesday when I realized that I really needed to talk to him. I called him and two rings later, miraculously, he answered. We had an extremely long, deep conversation which was the little push I needed to finish the year strong. While I was on the phone with him, he put me on hold and gathered all of his Fraternity brothers, most of whom I’d previously met, and let them all talk to and encourage me. Upon hanging up, he continued to text me funny, inside jokes we have and ridiculous pictures of the two of us to make sure that I realized how loved I am. The fact that I have someone in my life who cares about me and understands who I am and what I need to hear no matter the time or distance is more important than words can express. I know that my twin will always have my back and I will always have his, something I am incredibly grateful for.”

TWIN - Sarah Ghods


Haley Mincin:

Being with my twin sister at Gonzaga has been an awesome experience so far. I would say one of my favorite things is getting together on a Friday night and grabbing dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, either Clover or Huckleberry’s and just catching up on our hectic week. Even though we may live in the same dorm, we don’t see each other every day with our schedules so it is always nice to do a dinner out with my twin sister, Emily, as well as my older sister Katie, who is a senior. Together all three of us play lacrosse for the Gonzaga Women’s Club Lacrosse team, so it always a good time when all three of us are on the field at the same time! I couldn’t imagine being at a different school than my sisters!

TWIN - Haley 2

Kaitlin Torre:

“Since my family got through watching last year’s Gonzaga vs. UP game together last Christmas break (and my twin attends UP), I know we can get through anything! My parents always wear their Zag/UP shirts because they feel like they can support both teams.”

TWIN - Kaitlin

Nicole Hellmann:

“Being a twin on campus is actually both a curse and a blessing. On one hand, it’s incredibly awkward when strangers try and wave to me, thinking I’m my sister. It’s almost as if we need a disclaimer when we meet people saying, “by the way, you might see a person who looks just like me wandering around on campus, so if I ignore you, don’t take it personally, it’s because my sister actually has no idea who you are or why you are waving at her. At the same time, being a twin exposes you to a lot of people (who generally confuse you for the other one) so it’s a great way to meet other students (haha).”

TWIN - Ash

Jessie Schray:

“My twin is like my boyfriend, we always miss each other when we are apart but when we are together we pick at each other all the time.”


And there you have it, a sneak peak into the lives of the many Zag twins on campus.



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2 replies

  1. What a joy it had been to be a Grandparent of the Miller twins. They look alike but are also have their own personalities. I feel blessed to have 2 amazing girls who frequently give me the same answer to a questions, when they are miles apart.
    LEP Keizer, OR.


  2. Amazing Morgan an Katelyn.


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