GU Fashion Spotlight: Isaac Saldivar

Notorious for his wacky shirts (including an assortment from Peanuts Christmas), this week’s GU Fashion Spotlight rolls (literally) to school in a style uniquely his own: Isaac Saldivar. He may choose not to follow the typical trends, but he nails it with his witty shirts that stop us in our tracks, his childhood throwback shirts that take us back to the days where we would fight against nap time, and his all-season, all-year-round signature pair of shorts.


Sarah Oliva: Can you describe your usual everyday style/look?

Isaac Saldivar: Well, I always wear shorts.

SO: …Even in the winter?

IS: Through the winter, yeah. I consider it a battle between myself and the elements. I refuse to let the weather dictate what I wear so I wear shorts constantly. In the middle of the winter I’ve never worn pants (here in Spokane). Except for on weekends.

SO: That’s pretty impressive! …Even on your bike?

IS: I’m pretty proud of myself… I think (my bike) makes it easier, because if I ride my bike I’m inside within five minutes. I ride through the winter too—ice, snow… I think there’s only been a couple days off. My bike and my clothing style fit in with each other because if I didn’t have my bike in the middle of winter, I’d be walking across campus which takes like, 15 minutes, and then I probably would freeze. But because of my bike I get to wear shorts!

SO: …As long as you can justify it to yourself! What article of clothing could you not live without?

IS: Hmm. My corduroy pants. I love my corduroy pants. I wear them when I’m swing dancing or going to mass. I’ve also recently been getting into suspenders (for swing dancing). I wear suspenders now, suspenders are cool! (it’s a reference from Dr. Who).


SO: Walk me through the outfit you are wearing now.

IS: Socks – Well, I recently have been getting into white socks.

SO: As opposed to…?

IS: Black socks. So that’s actually been really exciting over the past week, I’ve been really pumped about white socks. (It’s the little things.)


Shoes – I pretty much wear the same pair of Nike shoes.

Shorts – I wear these same pair of shorts all year round.

…But where I really show my style though is in my shirts and my sweaters. The upper body is where it’s at. In all humbleness, I’ve got raw sweater game. I also pride myself on raw, eclectic shirts.

Shirt – Dr. Seuss, Cat in the Hat. And it’s blue, which I really like.


Watch – The watch is a new accessory. Since I was about five, I’ve been wearing a watch everyday. I started doing it because I wanted to be like my dad (since every boy wants to be like his dad).

…And glasses of course. And I always wear my biking gloves and my helmet when I bike.


SO: So can you tell me about this shirt collection of yours?

IS: I have some normal shirts but pretty much all the shirts in my closet are Christmas shirts or Peanuts shirts; often they’re both Christmas AND Peanuts shirts! Like they’re witty or funny. They make their own statement.


SO: You wear Christmas shirts all year long?! Isn’t that going against the Laws of Christmas?

IS: I started listening to Christmas music a week ago. Yeah, most of my shirts are Christmas shirts, I just love Christmas so I have a lot! I wear Christmas shirts year round, easy. If I could keep the spirit of Christmas alive just a little bit more, I’m gonna’ do that.


SO: Where is your favorite place to shop?

IS: Kohl’s. I’m all about Kohl’s because…why am I all about Khol’s…because it’s not very expensive and they usually have a massive clearance section. I feel sacrilegious because I worked at Nordstrom. But I never shopped there. Always hidden gems [at Kohl’s].

SO: What is your go-to color?

IS: Go-to color is definitely blue. I love blue. My mom says that I look good blue and my mom is never wrong, so I trust her.

SO: What or who is your fashion inspiration/idol?

IS: Straight up, Bill Cosby. Easily Bill Cosby. Those sweaters…Bill Cosby is legit. Bill Cosby and Nina Montoya (a Gonzaga student); she’s got the most legit fashion that almost no one could pull off but her. I don’t dress anything like her, but she’s super cool. She’s like the height of fashion, but Bill Cosby is my idol.

SO: Is there any fashion trend that you think Gonzaga could do without?

IS: Well I mean, it’s a college. So people just kind of wear weird stuff. I don’t really follow trends, I just kind of do my own thing…sometimes I think—I really respect modesty—and there are a lot really beautiful women on campus but they don’t have to wear almost nothing to show that. They’re wonderful inside and out.


SO: If you could choose any trend in history to make a comeback on campus, what would it be?

IS: I would say the trench coats that Kramer (from Seinfeld) wore but then everyone would think that everyone on campus is a flasher… you can’t really wear trench coats anymore. I’m Mexican and Austrian, so maybe something from my culture. If everyone wore lederhosen and dirndl, that would be cool.

Thanks for sitting down and talking with GU Style Spotlight, Isaac! If you are a fashionista on campus, or know of anyone who would be interested in talking fashion with us, feel free to reach out to the GUBB staff and we would love to meet with you.


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