Setting School Year Resolutions

We all love to make New Year’s resolutions so why not make some school year resolutions?

As we begin our Fall semester at GU, its important to have a concrete plan and most importantly to set goals. The difference between a resolution and a goal is that a resolution is a formal long-term plan and a goal is an objective.

This Fall, take some time to sit and WRITE DOWN your school year resolutions. This allows you to feel prepared and fully on track when finals starts up and that summer internship comes around. These dreams and aspirations on your resolution list can be from your past goals set in January or brand new ones to challenge yourself now.

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Here are some suggestions for what might be on your list. So take a look, and see what sparks your inspiration!

Professional Resolutions: Now is the perfect time to set specific goals for what you want your career to look like. Think of what you want your daily routine to consist of twenty years from now. Do you want to be working inside? Do you want to travel often? Next step is to plan specific projects and programs that you would like to become a part of. Look into honor societies within your major. Visit the career center for one on one guidance and alumni connections. Signing up for a Trek can also give you insight to what the professional world can look like. Talking to people in the profession that you want to be a part of is eyeopening and teaches you something that a class can’t.

Social Resolutions: College is one of the most social times of our lives, but it’s really easy to get stuck in the same social patterns. Once your friend group is formed and you’re comfortable with who you spend your time with, why change? As humans, we are social and need human interaction in order to learn about others and ultimately learn about ourselves. Branching out and pushing yourself to meet new people provides different perspectives and the opportunity to reflect on who you are. Its only September, join a club or even start your own club! Start an intramural team or reach out to old friends who you’ve lost touch with. It might mean more than you think.

Health Resolutions: Pursuing a healthy lifestyle not only makes us physically stronger, but exercise also gives us more confidence and boosts our energy. Look into signing up for a workout class at the gym to set a regular schedule when you will be at the gym. Also, take advantage of one on one fitness training and nutrition plans. It’s important to pair exercise and nutritional in order to reach your highest potential. Living in the beautiful North West allows us to have close access to mountains, lake, and rivers. GET OUTSIDE! Make your resolutions revolve around breaking a sweat in some way every day, whether its a hike at Bowl and Pitcher or a basketball game in the gym. Most importantly, get your sleep! Not only set an alarm to wake up in the morning, but set an alarm at night to remind you to put the books down and get in bed. A restful night is just as important as a workout.

Financial Resolutions: As college students, we are faced with the challenge of self budgeting. Movie tickets, going to restaurants with friends, and online shopping can all add up surprisingly quickly. Identify some goals you would like to achieve to secure you in financial stability. Maybe its reaching a certain number in your bank account. Maybe its saving up for a summer trip visiting friends. Maybe its paying off any debt you may have. Make a commitment to follow a step-by-step list to stick to your money saving plan. Some things on your list could be as simple as not getting coffee on Mondays and Thursdays. As you learn to manage your money more efficiently you will be equipped to tackle more complex plans like creating an investment plan and researching stocks to purchase.

Be creative with you resolutions, but also be realistic. Understand that everything in your life must be in balance for you to successfully reach your goals.

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Now open your journal, notebook, calendar, or diary and get to resolution writing! 


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