What Your Popcorn Choice Says About You

Finally the weather is starting to get chilly as Spokane steps into fall. As you are bundled up, you find yourself thinking…I could really use a snack right now. What is quick, easy and microwavable? POPCORN. But let’s be honest, most of you doctor up that popcorn. Here are some yummy popcorn pictures to inspire you to get creative with that Orville bag you’re popping in the microwave. Make sure you keep reading this article to the very end because there may or may not be some free popcorn in it for YOU!


halloween candy

1 cheddar

Chocolate Peanut


cran nut cluster



just got dumped


movie theater popcorn


Did all of this just make your mouth water? If so…

It may be CORNY…
but POP on over!
Join Student Publications for a POPPIN’ good time and help us celebrate Student Publications Day!
11:30-1:00 pm
October 2nd
Steps of Crosby

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